Tuesday, January 22, 2008

WWE Flops on Triple H and the Rumble

What the hell?

Why in the world is HHH in the Royal Rumble now?

I like HHH, don’t get me wrong, but didn’t he lose to Ric Flair forcing him not to be in the Royal Rumble match? This makes no sense.

The WWE must have the shortest memory in wrestling history, simply because they flipped things on the status of HHH and the Royal Rumble.

Why couldn’t he interfere in the Hardy Orton match?

Let’s rewind to see the past, in order to understand the present.

The year was 1991 and There was a major feud going on in wrestling. The Champion was involved in an interview earlier in the show in which The Macho King wanted a title shot, he didn’t get one granted.

Later on in the main event, Macho King Randy Savage ran down the aisle, striking Ultimate Warrior with a glass septar costing him the world title.

The Warrior would go on to Wrestlemania to wrestle Randy Savage in a retirement match. Then moved forward to bigger and better things, never really capturing that aura he once had.

Now for the present:

HHH could ask for a title shot, he could get shut down. He could get frustrated with the answer, then run into the Orton vs. Hardy match, cost Orton the title, and force a Hardy championship.

The winner of the Rumble should then go on to face Hardy, HHH will fight Orton at Mania, then get his Title shot down the line against whomever happens to be champion.

This would make compelling wrestling for everyone.

Don’t trust that?

Well then lets go back to 1997. Austin vs. Hart in the Rumble went on to create one heck of a match Wrestlemania 13, one that is by far my favorite Wrestlemania Match of all time.

Once again, the present:

HHH could be in there, and get screwed over. Forcing a feud to sparkle, and give him a title shot the ppv after Mania, rather than just rehashing the main event again.

Whatever the scenario, WWE really flopped on this one. HHH should NOT be in the rumble, not after losing to Flair and missing his chance.

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