Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Nobody Likes Chavo Guerrero

Last night marked the proof that I needed for this post. I believe that Nobody likes Chavo Guerrero, no matter what WWE does to push him because of his names sake, he still flounders in the mid card and when faced in the main event, no one gives a crap.

Take last night for instance: The second shot at the ECW Champion C.M. Punk should have been a way to build up Guerrero, putting him in line for a title shot in an extreme rules match of some sorts. But instead he loses. The fans love Punk and naturally boo the heck out of Chavo, but really, when has the crowd not booed Chavo?

Some of you might be quick to cite that as a member of Los Guerrero's he was hilarious, and people loved him. But I beg to differ. I believe that people love Eddie so much that if Chavo was around it was tolerated and approved. However, since the unfortunate passing of Eddie, and his jump to the main event, Chavo has been in the shadow of the Guerrero name in the WWE and will always be there until he figures out a way to win the fans.

How can you win the fans? I'm not really sure. But this is what I would do...

1) Start Guerrero in a feud where the heel hates the Guerrero name and continually pummels Chavo for being Eddie's brother.

2) Have Chavo run out from the audience in street clothes and beat down the heel during a match up, only to be stopped by WWE security. (The fans always eat this type of storyline up)

3) Fire Chavo publicly via

4) Have the heel mock the Guerrero's and talk about how he got Chavo fired.

5) Have Chavo run in and mop up from the crowd, insinuating his re-instatement.

6) Have a major gimmick match like a last man standing, cage match, or some sort of over the top gimmick match that culminates at Wrestlemania, and have Chavo nearly get beaten to death. Have him bump like there is no tomorrow, have run ins to help the heel, have run ins that turn on Chavo (setting up the next feud once the initial one is over) then Have Chavo win by a fraction of a second after a major move.

That's how Chavo can get over in my book.

But the WWE fans are not Sir Jorge, and maybe even after all this time and effort they won't care.

Maybe the thing to do is not to push Chavo in the main event, but rather give him the Cruiserweight Title back.

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