Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lashley Quits WWE

At least one major source of wrestling news is reporting that Lashley is done with the WWE. This comes in light of major rumors stating that his return would mark his arrival into the main event scene yet again, by winning the Royal Rumble.

Of course things can go either way, and never say never, but as of right now, with not confirming this, take it the way you wish.

For my money though, this seems to make sense, as Lashley wanted to pursue a MMA career. Now he has the chance.

You can read the article over at

You read it here though, Lashley QUITS WWE!

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  1. Totally off-topic (and sorry for that) but I still can't comment over at Video Store Blues

  2. Unfortunate loss for WWE, but they should have treated Kristal better from what it sounds like. Looking forward to tonight's Rumble, gonna be a great one!



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