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Ecw on Scifi 4/21/09 Results and Review Bland Tastes

Ecw on Scifi 4/21/09 Results

Hornswoggle defeated Natalya
Evan Bourne defeated Paul Burchill with Katie Lea
Vladimir Kozlov defeated Jobber

Ecw on Scifi 4/21/09 Review

Finlay opened the show with the announcement that Hornswoggle will be going to Raw and that he would going to wrestle tonight! Natalya came out with Tyson Kidd and started to make fun of Hornswoggle!

Hornswoggle defeated Natalya

This was a throwaway match, and had Hornswoggle defeating Natalya in a very short…no pun intended, match. Natalya rolled up fast and that was the end of this match and a goodbye for Hornswoggle on Ecw.

Evan Bourne defeated Paul Burchill with Katie Lea

Paul Burchill was going full force against Evan Bourne in this match up. He pulled a nice double knee offense into the corner, but outside of that he was relying on rest holds to ground Evan Bourne and keep him away from the ropes. This resulted in a lot of good power moves, including a fisherman’s release suplex! So the match began and continued through with rest hold then power move style, but you knew Evan Bourne was going to mount a comeback. Evan Bourne and Paul Burchill exchanged near falls for a good portion of the match, but it was the youngster that pulled it out of the hat with the shooting star press for the victory. Hopefully the WWE does something more with Bourne, as his matches are becoming very predictable.

Vladimir Kozlov defeated Jobber

This jobber posed no serious threat to Kozlov. In fact this could be called a throwback to the old days of wrestling as Kozlov just power moved his way o an easy win. The Jobber just took it and was happy to get paid to be beat up.

Jack Swagger and Christian had a contract signing. Jack Swagger was ranting about how he’s on top of the wrestling world and at least ECW. Christian didn’t say very match he just stared at the ECW champion. Christian on the mic is perfect, I couldn’t believe that the Wwe allowed him to tear up Jack Swagger so well.

The signing turned into a melee and Swagger hit a power bomb through the table set up in ring and Christian was left in ring buried. The crowd didn’t react too much, and Swagger looked dumb to me.

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