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Tna Impact 4/16/09 Results and Review Crossing to Lock Down

Tna Impact 4/16/09 Results

Homicide defeated Chris Sabin and Naito in a triple threat match
Taylor Wilde, Awesome Kong, and Raisha Saeed defeated The Beautiful People
Abyss & Daffney defeated ODB & Cody Deaner
Christopher Daniels defeated Kurt Angle

Tna Impact 4/16/09 Review

Like every good or bad wrestling show, this show started with people talking inside the ring. It was lame. It was just “Do you trust me” crap.

Homicide defeated Chris Sabin and Naito in a triple threat match

This was a triple threat match. It seemed that Sabin and Naito were working together but that ended fast when Sabin hopped up out of delivering a Chin Lock to hit a nice lariat. This was fast paced and good to look at. It was high spot after high spots, but a lot of interesting fluid wrestling. This match was like watching someone play the N64 Wrestling games, because it seemed that this was choreographed by some gamer with a bit of nostalgia. Naito had some very picture perfect wrestling moves, including flyinig lariats and a beautiful bridge suplex. Sabin’s tornado ddt with a Insaguri combination was a highlight of this match up. The 187 off the middle rope ended this one, and it was picture perfect!

There was an interview with double J…lame. ODB had a backstage segment, lame. The Main Event mafia were interviewed.

Taylor Wilde, Awesome Kong, and Raisha Saeed defeated The Beautiful People

This match didn’t even get started. I mean, it did start, but it was too short to make a good match up. The knockout division usually is good, but the last few impact shows it’s been really a slow build. This was a terrible match up, and it ended with Kong’s Implant Buster.

Post match they wanted to cut more hair, and took out Taylor Wilde and Raisha Saeed by sending them face first into the woman’s title. The Beautiful People also sprayed something into Kong’s eye and then knocked her out with the Title Belt and they went ahead and cut her hair! This had to be the ultimate humiliation.

Abyss & Daffney defeated ODB & Cody Deaner

I haven’t seen Daffney in a while, and I like her. She is pretty cool. I mean, she looks cool, I like her better than ODB that’s for sure. They kept playing up that Cody Deaner isn’t a wrestler, but he got in there with Abyss at one point and was basically getting trashed. Abyss gets the win in another short match.

Post match Matt Morgan ran down and beat Abyss up.

Mick Foley tried to give himself, Cactus Jack an Interview. Then Sting came out. It was stupid. This whole thing is dumb. Foley then beat up sting. This feud sucks.

Balls Mahoney showed up! Spike Dudley was there too1 The two former ECW standby’s were getting worked over by Beer Money with chairs and were just getting messed up. They definitely took a page out of ECW’s old playbook. It was pretty cool.

Jeff Jarrett introduced the Fallen Angle Christopher Daniels! That’s right, Christopher Daniels is back! That’s going to be awesome! Christopher Daniels! I marked out huge because he’s one of my favorite wrestlers in recent years.

Christopher Daniels defeated Kurt Angle

This was good match up. Christopher Daniels didn’t really show a whole lot of ring rust in this match up. Kurt Angle was keeping up with a much faster and lighter Christopher Daniels and it was cool over all. The missed Asahi Moonsault from Daniels was impressive, as he landed on his feet! However that was short lived because Angle hit the rolling German suplexes and this match was heating up at this point.

And that was your Impact. This was weird. It kind of just ended with the return of Christopher Daniels and that’s about it. I don’t know what to say about this one, if you like TNA this was like half a good show. There wasn’t a whole lot to it, considering that they are having a ppv this week, I would think that they would’ve been more productive, but nope. It’s nice to see some TNA returns but overall this wasn’t that great of a show. The four disc Jeff Jarrett dvd looks interesting though.

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