Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ecw on Scifi 4/28/09 Results and Review The Christian Era Begins

Ecw on Scifi 4/28/09 Results

Tyson Kidd defeated Finlay
Christian vs Tommy Dreamer No Contest

Ecw on Scifi 4/28/09 Review

The show opened up with Christian. Tommy Dreamer came down to ringside and was basically asking for a title shot. Jack Swagger came down to ringside as well. He called Tommy Dreamer a joke, and said that Christian cheated. The result of this Segment was that we would get an ECW title match later in the show.

Tyson Kidd defeated Finlay

Finlay and Tyson Kidd went at it in this match, and it was really good. I don’t like Tyson Kidd’s hair cut, but he can really wrestle. The last of the Hart dungeon, he really does show that he can hack it inside the ring. That being said, this match had a lot of technical mat wrestling to it. That’s something we don’t really see too much from all the wwe superstars. Kidd was working on Finlay’s leg for a good portion of the match, obviously setting something up for later down the match’s pipeline. This match was good, it was nice to see a new comer getting such trust in the ring, as he took control of this match at several points and looked like he was a veteran at different times. Tyson Kidd edged out a win using Finlay’s on weapon to beat Finlay.

Christian vs Tommy Dreamer No Contest

I may have said in the past that Tommy Dreamer should quit, but he pulled out some great points in this match. He actually looked half way decent in this match. Christian wasn’t having the easiest of times controlling Tommy Dreamer, and it was interesting to note that the ECW championship title was on the line, on a television show! Tommy Dreamer was lined up to win this one, at least that’s the story that was unfolding during the match up. He set up Christian for the Tree of Woe and right before he could deliver the final strike, Jack Swagger ran down and interfered on purpose, the match getting thrown out. They never tell you what the result is, so I just say it was a no contest.

A short ECW, not a great show at all.

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  1. Tommy's a true workhorse. His back's been screwed up for over 10 years now, but he still goes out there and puts over every young star that walks in the door. It's going to be a sad day when Dreamer hangs up the boots.



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