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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 4/17/09 Results and Review Post Draft

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 4/17/09 Results

Jeff Hardy defeated The Big Show
Gail Kim defeated Maryse (Non Title)
John Morrison defeated R Truth
The Undertaker defeated Shelton Benjamin
Dolph Ziggler defeated MVP (Non Title)
Batista defeated Ted Dibiase Jr.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 4/17/09 Review

The show started out with wrestling, no talking, just wrestling!

Jeff Hardy defeated The Big Show

As with all Big Show matches, he came out dominant and was just throwing his weight around. Hardy’s strategy wasn’t working at all, and Show was just hitting hard and showing off. Matt Hardy showed up right when Jeff was mounting a comeback against the Big Show and things were looking like Show was going to win. Jeff came back to the ring and hit the Whisper in the Wind, but Big Show caught him, turned around and socked Jeff Hardy in the face, then pinned him for the win! Big Show had a little bit of a battle in this match, but he managed to edge out Jeff Hardy.

Post match Matt Hardy was in the ring slapping Jeff Hardy around. This proved to be funny to me because I thought Matt was now on Raw, not Smackdown. I guess the draft doesn’t really mean anything, now does it? Lame.

The Khali kiss cam went Milf! That’s right, Khali had somewhat of a good looking milf volunteer and get into the ring. She was good looking, for a change, and Khali finally gets a fair shake!

Gail Kim defeated Maryse

Gail Kim put on a show here. Maryse wasn’t that great, and she even missed a cue and it looked bad. Gail Kim ran circles around Maryse as far as wrestling ability is concerned and I thought it was great. However, the fans were dead for this one, and it was disheartening to see no reaction to an obviously good woman wrestler. The divas should be put on notice, cause Gail Kim is impressing the crap out of me.

John Morrison defeated R Truth

Alright, I’m not too keen on these two guys, but I liked them. They were hitting hard in there, and you could tell that notion when Morrison was kicked in the chin hard with a Scissors Kick to the face. Morrison dropped R Truth on the back of his head and then hit his Finisher and BOOM, R Truth loses again; Remember when he was getting a good push? Yeah, those days are done.

Triple H was confronted by Randy Orton via Satellite…haha…it was terrible. We find out that the Monday Night raw match up they will have is going to be a No DQ match up.

The Undertaker defeated Shelton Benjamin

There was no chance in hell that Shelton Benjamin was going to win this match up. Could you believe the upset if Shelton Benjamin won this one? Remember when Maven threw out the Undertaker at the Royal Rumble way back when? The Undertaker nearly killed him, and man was that a great piece of that years Royal Rumble. Anyways, back to this match up. This match was cool, but the commercial in the middle made everyone miss a good part of the match up. However, Shelton was getting a lot of offense in, he actually almost made you believe that he had a shot at beating him. Yeah, I may have doubted whether or not Undertaker was going to win this match up. The Undertaker turned things around and gave Shelton Benjamin a picture perfect Tombstone for the easy win against the Gold Standard. I liked this match a lot, I really liked how Benjamin was hitting the big moves, and still not getting the win. You gotta respect the effort in this match up.

Dolph Ziggler defeated MVP

MVP started out this match quite fast, but Dolph Ziggler turned things around afterwards. Dolph had way too much tan, and he was definitely quite good for a beginner. I like his style, he could be a good established star if he doesn’t get in trouble for drugs again. I would cut down the tanning though, he is way too tan. However, he is doing good out there, however tonight wasn’t his night…until amidst a roll up he pulled the tights and won! That’s right, the WWE threw me a curve ball and MVP lost against Dolph Ziggler! That wasn’t half bad.

Batista defeated Ted Dibiase Jr.

Oh man, Batista is back and in full force. Ted Dibiase worked over Batista’s leg, trying to cut him down to size and forcing him to try to tire out the big man. Batista was doing a great job of cornering Batista off from his power moves. It was a good overall gameplan, and we saw shades of The Million Dollar Man in this match up, as he kept fighting through. The match would be cut short, but not before Batista gets thrown through the ropes and took a nasty bump. Ted Dibiase delivered a picture perfect Russian Leg Sweep and also dropped both feet on Batista’s abdomen, and I was on Team Dibiase at that point. He was definitely making Batista look weak, and for once, I liked a Batista match! Like all the great champions of old, Batista made a miraculous comeback and dropped Ted Dibiase with a backdrop, followed by a good Spinebuster! A spear was next and Batista was getting a second wind, limping on his hurt leg, but managed to deliver a huge Batista Bomb, which was awesome. Batista won! Who would’ve known?

Overall, Smackdown tonight was good. I liked it. I drank a Alaskan IPA while reviewing this, so it might have been that, which made me like this night. I liked how they had a lot of wrestling.

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