Thursday, April 2, 2009

Unexpected Site Updates

Hey Wrestling Fans!

What's up, it's your friend SIR JORGE, the writer of this fine site. I have been trying to coordinate some more time for this site, and have successfully failed to do so! Seriously, I had a major problem recently and have fixed it.

However, I am having my in laws coming to town this weekend and staying through next week. So guess what that means for you guys?

No updates from me in regards to professional wrestling. That's right, I won't be updating tonight for TNA Impact, and of course that means no Smackdown Review tomorrow night! Also, that means that I probably won't be watching Wrestlemania and Raw and ECW!

I know, this is a big shock to everyone and no one is more devestated than I am right now.

However, family is taking a front seat for a change, instead of this wrestling site.

So, that means if you are still interested in this site, come back next week for a full recap of a lot of things. I'll still update, I just had this small event going on and can't promise the same kind of recap.

However, if I get some free time, I will be updating the website and will be throwing down more wrestling information, but fo rthe time being, things aren't going to be as planned.

I have the in laws coming tomorrow, going to be out of town at a wedding, then coming back and man...just a lot of stuff. So enjoy the wrestling world that is coming up, this is the BIGGEST weekend in wrestling, and I can't believe I'm going to miss it.

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  1. I'll miss your commentary... have fun mate



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