Friday, April 10, 2009

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 4/10/09 Results and Review Right After Wrestlemania

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 3/10/09 Results

The Big Show defeated Kofi Kingston
The Great Khali defeated Santino
Gail Kim defeated Michelle McCool
Priceless defeated The Colons Non Title Match
Matt Hardy defeated Jeff Hardy in a Stretcher Match

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 3/10/09 Review

The first Smackdown opened up with Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy into a scuffle, ending with Matt Running away like a punk. Teddy Long came out and said that tonight there would be a stretcher match between the brothers Hardy.

The Big Show defeated Kofi Kingston

Once again, proof that the WWE doesn’t need a draft or roster shake up. Kofi is on Smackdown fighting Big Show, and Show was hurting Kofi with huge right hands, and really showing off his size. Kofi got some great shots in, but overall it wasn’t enough to get the Big show down and it was Big Show who came on top. Show hit kofi with that hard right hand and it was all over.

Proving yet again that the WWE does not need a roster split, Santino was introduced.

The Great Khali defeated Santino

Santino got dismantled in 20 seconds. Santino is funny, but man, I wish they would let him wrestle. Khali wanted to kiss Santino’s “sister” and it didn’t happen, so he beat up Santino and won the match. Lame squash match up.

Gail Kim defeated Michelle McCool

This match was not half bad. McCool is not that great of a wrestler at all, and it showed here. Gail Kim could carry this match if McCool were way better, but instead Kim was taking some major shots and doing a lot of bumping. She ended up winning with a quick counter, and she’s on the way to getting a title shot, I’m sure.

The Cutting Edge returned and the guest was John Cena. It was sad, and it sucked. Edge, from what I read online, is nursing an injury right now so he probably won’t win the title. Cena needs to turn heel like the world depends on it.

Priceless defeated The Colons

Once again, NO NEED FOR A DRAFT! The two teams in this match up were on different brands, and they fought each other quite well. This match seemed evenly matched, considering that these teams haven’t wrestled each other on television before. The Legacy team was fighting hard and ended up winning this match, somewhat easier than I thought they would. The teams did put on a good overall lengthy tag team match and I liked it for the most part. I didn’t like the post match, and I didn’t like that Randy Orton was there to raise the hands of his team mates. It’s stupid to think that there is a draft coming up and yet no one abides by the separations.

Matt Hardy defeated Jeff Hardy in a Stretcher Match

The Hardy Brothers fought in a nice Stretcher match. Matt hardy had all new tights, which were lame. They were skin tight and lame. The match was quite brutal and Jeff was getting worked most of the match up, even though he did throwdown some interesting hits before it was all said and done. The overall match up ended with Matt Hardy getting the hard fought win, and this match failed to impress me. It had some good moments, but it was just your average Hardy match up. Nothing too great here.

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  1. And it does seem like they are tipping their hand about splitting the Colons up.



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