Friday, July 6, 2007

WWE To Buy AAA (lucha libre)

In what seems to be a shocker (no punk intended) the WWE is considering purchasing Lucha Libre company AAA in Mexico, with the idea to set up a global network of wrestling with the WWE brand stamped across the world in different formats.


I hope this doesn't go down. I do not want the WWE to get their grubby hands on Lucha Libre at all. I don't care what good could come of it whatsoever, because I don't want them ruining a product that has been around for what seems like forever.

But then again, AAA seems to be lame these days with their six sided ring. I don't like the ring set up, but still it's Lucha!


If WWE does buy them, or at least the video catalog, we can finally see those famous matches that aren't available at ALL!

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  1. A thousand times no! I don't speak more than ten (printable) words of Spanish but when I get access to Galavision I love to watch Lucha Libre. I get to see some old favorites there that I can't see elsewhere and it doesn't make a bit of difference that I don't understand the commentary.

    Perhaps having WWE acquire AAA would make the library accessible and widen access to recent matches, but if the tradeoff is watching Vinnie Mac crap on yet another unique wrestling experience, I'd rather keep watching for chances to watch AAA as it is now.

  2. I know, it's a hard one. On one hand I would love to see some classic lucha on dvd, but I don't want Vinnie Mac causing the high flyers to do more ground attacks



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