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WWE Monday Night Raw 6/14/10 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/14/10 Results

The Miz defeated R Truth, John Morrison, and Zack Ryder to win The United States Championship
Evan Bourne defeated Chris Jericho by DQ
Gail Kim & Eve defeated Alicia Fox & Maryse
The Big Show & Mark Fuerstein defeated Ted Dibiase & Virgil
Santino defeated William Regal w/ special guest referee Kozlov
Edge & Sheamus vs John Cena & Randy Orton no contest

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/14/10 Review

Raw started with a recap of last week's major NXT invasion, then went live with Wade Barrett in the middle of the Ring with a live microphone. Wade said that WWE management told him to go to the ring and apologize. He then invited the rest of the NXT guys to come in and help him apologize properly.

The NXT rookies from season one showed up to the ring, and at that point Michael Cole and The King Jerry Lawler left ringisde.

Wade Barrett went one by one and asked the NXT rookies to apologize, and all of them said NO. No sign of Daniel Bryan, so I guess he really was fired. Wade Barrett cut a promo about the WWE treated them like Animals, so they acted like Animals last week and beat up everyone. Wade isn't half bad on the mic, which is interesting, because the majority of the WWE idiots can't even talk on the mic, yet this guy comes in and does quite well. I kind of miss Daniel Bryan.

General Manager Bret Hart came out to confront the NXT guys. Hart then went to talk about what happened last week and was interrupted by Wade to say that they kicked out Daniel Bryan for being remorseful. Wade then went on to say that they weren't upset at Cena, they were upset with management not the wrestlers themselves.

The NXT guys want contracts, first class travel, and their own private dressing rooms.

Wade then told Hart that Hart could give them all contracts tonight, but Hart said NO! Bret Hart then fired Wade Barrett and stripped him of his title shot. Hart then threw out the NXT guys and threatened them by saying he'd call the police.

We came back from break and the announcers are back and they started talking trash.

The Miz defeated R Truth, John Morrison, and Zack Ryder to win The United States Championship

How did Ryder get a title shot? Morrison is back? The Miz gets another shot too? This fatal four way match was for the U.S. Title and wasn't half bad opening up. The match was your standard four way match with each man getting involved at opportune times, with near falls from each man. Morrison botched a sunset flip, or rather Zack Ryder didn't catch Miz, as his head bounced off the ring floor. I'm sure it will make it to Botchamania. This match had spotfest written all over it, but it was exciting to see. R Truth hit a nice “stunner” of sorts mid-match. Truth shined in this match up, but so did Ryder at times, but it seemed like Morrison was going to win this one with Starship Pain but after hitting the move, The Miz ran in and won the United States Title!

The backstage segments with guest hosts sucks. Once again this show had some random Guest Host and I hated it, I didn't care, you shouldn't care, and no one cared. Even when Ted Dibiase tried to buy his way into the guest host spot, I didn't care. I kind of missed when Santino would be in these things, but recently, it's just boring..especially with these USA network baffoons.

Evan Bourne defeated Chris Jericho by DQ

Evan Bourne wins this nice match up with Jericho. While it wasn't a four star classic, it was an ok point of interest, in an otherwise lame showcase. The shooting star press that Bourne does is way better than Kidman's, it's high, it's on point, and can't possible be his finisher forever. Other than that, Jericho keeps losing, which is interesting.

The last time someone actually gained from a losing streak was Mikey Whipwreck. He had a LOOOONG losing streak before he started winning and was even eventually placed in WCW and made a run for the Cruiserweight title in a nice set of matches with a much ligher and better Billy Kidman.

John Cena cut a lame promo. I was bored with it immediately. John Cena sucks.

Remember the last time we had an invasion angle? Well there were a few. The best was the New World Order. This one feels stale, and outside of last week's surprise, this follow up sucks. Cena went on and on with random crap.

John Cena went on and on and out came the NXT guys and were ready to strike, but out came a ton of the WWE stars to defend. Regal, Truth, Evan Bourne, Jerry Lawler were all in ring, but there was a huge brawl. The NXT guys jumped the WWE Stars, and that was just that, a brawl.


Where were all these idiots last week?

The NXT guys were all thrown out.

EDGE came down!


THIS MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE TO ME! This is STUPID! SCREW THE NXT ANGLE SCREW WWE, WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP! What is this N.W.O 3000? What a load of crap! The new found friends of CENA chased the NXT guys out of the ring and out of the building...yeah that's not strange right? Half Naked guys running in the streets? Come on WWE, I'm not 10 years old anymore.

Gail Kim & Eve defeated Alicia Fox & Maryse

This match sucked, the divas suck, and I'm sick of them wasting valuable wrestling time on Raw. They need to revamp the women's division in wwe and tna, I'm sick of crap non-wrestling botches. Alicia made a mistake and hit Maryse of the apron, then lost via pinfall. This sucked.

The Big Show & Mark Fuerstein defeated Ted Dibiase & Virgil

This was stupid to say the least, The big Show and the guest host won after Show knocked out Virgil. I'm sick of watching bad wrestling, I need an intern over at Sir Jorge WWE studios. I also need a news guy, but no one ever lets me know if they are interested. Then again, it doesn't pay very well.

Dibiase left Virgil in the ring, dead.

Santino defeated William Regal w/ special guest referee Kozlov

Regal put the boots to Santino. Santino was getting beat up the hard way. This match was strong style at times, but Santino managed to get a little bit of wrestling offense. Santino rolled up Regal and Kozlov counted quite fast to win. This was stupid too...no one cares about these three guys, do they? I don't.

Bret Hart came out and asked all of the WWE superstars to join him on stage, and they all came out and joined him. He said that he didn't want History to repeat itself, and then they stood there...I don't know why.

Edge & Sheamus vs John Cena & Randy Orton no contest

This was your standard tag team match. Despite two heels being forced to work together, Cena and Orton hating each other, this match went off with few bumps along the way. There were a lot of rest moments, that's for sure, and I thought that this was just another standard tag team match for Raw. Cena took a lot of offense, and would get his revenge in the latter stages of the match, Orton got a hot tag, things got back to their normal, predictable moments, but not before I had to sit through Sheamus and his million rest holds. Super Cena was in full effect then the lights went out and the scene was cut to backstage.

Bret Hart was getting beat up by the the NXT guys and they were trashing the place. They put Hart in a Limosine and then the limo was driven and crashed through several different cars.

The rumor has it that Daniel Bryan was driving the car.

I think it's Rikishi, and he did it for the Rock.

I hated Raw.

You should've hated it too.

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