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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 6/11/10 Results and Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 6/11/10 Results

Rey Mysterio defeated Jack Swagger
Layla defeated Tiffany
Christian defeated Dolph Ziggler
The Big Show vs. CM Punk

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 6/11/10 Review

It's beyond funny to me that news outlets were seriously considering whether or not The Undertaker was in fact dead. I was even asked to write a news piece for a local paper about whether or not The Undertaker is in fact in a coma, not just a wrestling story line. I don't know why people believe all sorts of stuff in the world of WWE, but hey, it happens I guess.

Remember when Billy & Chuck were going to get married? The national media was all over the story and they were on the covers of so many different non-wrestling papers. Then what? 3 Minute warning? Well, that's where we are now, Kane and The Undertaker start off the show, well...a focus on last week and how the Undertaker was found sleeping or dead, whatever. Kane's quest to find out what is happening will most likely be the focal point of WWE Smackdown, and we'll eventually either get Rikishi admitting that he did it for the Rock, or Kane facing the Undertaker yet again.

Remember the whole “IS He Dead?” story line with Kane? This is like a 2.0 of that story, and I'm not sure I like where it's going.

Why would the WWE put the champion in a match that opens the show? Remember the days when the Champion didn't wrestle for free television or didn't wrestle in the first MATCH! This sucks.

It's funny to me that Daniel Bryan got fired for not being PG yet Punk can say that he was a victim of an assassination attempt? That's not PG, that's not non-violent.

Before the match started, CM Punk came down and was on the mic, ranting and raving as usual.

Big Show got on the mic and started talking trash too. I'm sick of these 30 minute starting points with NO, that south park parody is looking more and more true.

Kane showed up on the screen and cut a promo about random crap that had to deal with his brother...I'm sick of Kane already. Get back to JOBBING!

Rey Mysterio defeated Jack Swagger

This match was back and forth, with no clear dominant wrestler. I was surprised that the WWE made Swagger look weak in this one at times, because he's the champion. Mysterio has been on a roll since he knocked off the Undertaker and it keeps growing. He wasn't letting the much bigger Swagger take control often, even though the Champion was definitely in control a good part of the match. Swagger was also getting hit from all sides with fast paced offense from Mysterio, so maybe my comments are unfounded. Mysterio managed to win the match, and again, I'm shocked that the champion gets jobbed out. Swagger is a weak champion, losing key matches, and looking weak against former champions.

I must note that Mysterio's title reigns were the same, with him getting losing streaks until narrowly retaining at the ppv matches. Mysterio is getting pushed like crazy right now, and I'm not sure why. Swagger beat up mysterio after the bell, and Kane came out. Kane choke slammed Swagger, and once again, I must wonder, why did they fire Daniel Bryan for choking out a guy, yet Kane can choke people and slam them without recourse, just sayin.

This match was given time, it was interesting to watch at times, but the logic of a weak champion that narrowly wins big matches, escapes me.

Layla and Michelle McCool came out with their rookie, and it prompted Tiffany and Kelly Kelly to come out, and I'm not sure why.

Layla defeated Tiffany

This match showed some botches. Layla got the win, but after a terrible first round of manuevers, it's interesting to note that LayCool keeps winning. This crap sucks, the divas suck, Kaval is in an interesting storyline where he's an NXT rookie and gets to bang his pro's, right? Oh no? That's not this show? Crap. Whatever, this crap sucks. I hate the divas.

They showed the footage from Monday Night Raw where the NXT guys showed up to beat up everyone and tear up the ring. They omitted some of the more “harsh” moments that got Daniel Bryan fired, but who cares? I don't.

Christian came out and she had a new haircut or something, and Vickie Guerrero came out on the mic to get booed out of the building. She introduced Christian's opponent, Dolph Ziggler.

Christian defeated Dolph Ziggler

This match wasn't all that great, and I'm sick of seeing Christian. His matches are so formulaic, and he hasn't had a quality impact in a long time. After winning via an off the ropes sunset flip, Hawkins and Archer came in and beat up Christian, but I don't care about those idiots either.

Dolph Ziggler then ran in and put Christian to sleep.

Why is it that Dolph Ziggler is far more interesting than anything Christian has done in the past weeks? Odd.

Drew McIntyre came out and called out Teddy Long, then made him watch the recap of last week. I'm sick of “fat ass” Matt Hardy, and Drew McIntyre has the charisma of a mayonaise sandwich. Smackdown was ruining my high on wrestling that I had at the end of Monday Night Raw.

It looked like Drew McIntyre was going to announce that Teddy Long was fired, but instead Kofi Kingston came out on the mic, and he lost his Jamaican accent...that was fast.

Kofi beat up Drew McIntyre, that's that. I don't know what else to say about this stupid exchange.

Drew McIntyre announced that he would face Teddy Long next week on smackdown..ocne again I say, WHO CARES?

The Big Show vs. CM Punk

The Big Show essentially beat up CM Punk for a great portion of this match. Show wasn't giving the former champion much of a chance, and rightfully so. The giant was just beating up Punk. Punk was selling all of Big Show's offense like crazy, and that was interesting to see, that's for sure. Show was going to win, but the Straightedge Society jumped Big Show. Kane then came out for the save? I gues Big Show isn't to blame?

Nope, Kane chokeslammed The Big Show. Once again, Chokeslames are PG but choking a ringside idiot isn't.

Kane sucks, he's still nothing more than a jobber to me.

Smackdown sucked, face it. It was a boring show with maybe 1 good match, and Kane getting pushed as if he was being set up for a match with the Undertaker....I'm sick of Smackdown, but am looking forward to Monday Night Raw.

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