Thursday, June 3, 2010

TNA Impact 6/3/10 Results and Review

TNA Impact 6/3/10 Results

Roxxi defeated Rosey Lotta
Jay Lethal defeated Aj Styles and Kaz in a triple threat match
Jeff Hardy defeated James Storm
Robert Roode defeated Mr Anderson
Abyss & Rob Terry defeated Desmond Wolfe & Orlando Jordan
Samoa Joe & Rob Van Dam defeated Matt Morgan & Sting

TNA Impact 6/3/10 Review

Sting Showed up, and I was already bored, I hate this crap…sting sucks, he hasn’tbeen good since 1994, and even that is reaching far.

Samoa Joe and Sting were supposedly ready to have a battle, but instead it ended with Joe winning most of the match up, but then Matt Morgan came out, and again we get a cluster of a finish, if you can call it that.

Hogan came out when Bischoff couldn’t change a main event or something, I don’t know, this whole thing was so convoluted.

Roxxi defeated Rosey Lotta

I’m so tired of the women of TNA wrestling for less than 2 minutes. It’s interesting to see things develop into crap, right? I’m so sick of the divas and sick of the knockouts….this match sucked. I hate this crap.

This sucks so bad, I can’t believe I have to watch this…well…I guess I don’t have to watch it.

Jay Lethal defeated Aj Styles and Kaz in a triple threat match

This match wasn’t that great, in fact, I thought it sucked. I liked Lethal’s old parody gimmick, and don’t really care for his new gimmick. Sure he can wrestle, but so can a lot of guys, but that doesn’t mean I want to watch them. Styles sucks as a heel and Kaz just sucks. These idiots put on a passable match, but once again, it was short and full of fuzzy spots. Jay Lethal wins, and that’s that.

Post match, Kurt Angle came out and exchanged words with Flair and Kaz, and after a few moments, had a little moment with Flair. After holding down the ropes for Flair, he attacked him, only to get attacked by Kaz. I guess “no talent” on the mic Kaz will face Kurt Angle? Who cares! Gagh!

In ring Christy Hemme’s forehead was shining when Anderson came down and got on the mic. He announced that himself and Jeff hardy will face Beer Money at Slammiversary. I’m not 100% but I smell a swerve coming.

Hardy and Anderson were on the mic, and they talked about how they could beat up Beer Money and what not. Beer Money came out and started talking about random crap.

Anderson then berated Beer Money with some observations and got a few chuckles. I don’t mind promos, but these exchanges take up a lot of time during shows that should be dedicated to pro-wrestling. I’m just saying.

Beer Money beat up the good guys, and that was that. The two fought until security ran in and broke it up.

Jeff Hardy defeated James Storm

Hardy is getting fat, and I’m not the only one that has noticed, am I? He’s a little slower, he’s not trying as hard, and maybe it was James Storm that is to blame for this “slug fest” rather than a wrestling match. Sure, Hardy had a few moments, but it was painfully obvious that this wasn’t an instant classic. Storm introduced a chair and Hardy used it to his advantage, as a springboard. Despite putting up a quality effort from James Storm, Hard won this match with relative ease at the end. I saw it coming, I’m sure you did too. Hardy sucks, he needs better competition and a reason to actually do well, instead he’s lackluster and looking to be gaining weight like his fat ass brother Matt.

Robert Roode defeated Mr Anderson

This match sucked. Anderson barely had any offense, and in the end another roll up ending. I’m so sick of seeing such crappy wrestling, and this was another terrible match. This match was just bad, seriously bad, don’t watch it, if you haven’t seen it.

Abyss & Rob Terry defeated Desmond Wolfe & Orlando Jordan

Rob Terry is acting injured or legit injured, meanwhile Abyss is no longer under the power of the “ring”, is he? I don’t know. He sucks, let’s face it. Despite Desmond Wolfe getting a TON of the TNA voting, he is in this mash up of a piece of crap tag team match. Can you even call this a match? This was fast, and wasn’t even a good match, it just sucked. After some weird interactions between Jordan and Chelsea, this match was over, and Rob Terry got the pin.

So far TNA Impact this week is a complete waste of time.

A huge piece of time was taken for an interview with Jay Lethal…at least that’s what I was watching (stream).

Backstage Jesse Neal was knocked out cold with an Ace on him. That was it. I’m sure that was Orlando Jordan’s card, but I don’t know.

Samoa Joe & Rob Van Dam defeated Matt Morgan & Sting

This match was back and forth, but really managed to highlight Matt Morgan’s strengths more than anyone elses. Matt Morgan seemed to have full control until he saw someone that looked like Super Mex in the crowd, and that’s when Samoa Joe hit the Muscle Buster on Morgan, but couldn’t capitlize. Matt Morgan was on the floor, and Rob Van Dam flew down with a Five Star Frog Splash to get the win.

Post match RVD and Samoa Joe stared each other down.

And that’s the end of the show for me, I guess.

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