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TNA Impact 6/10/10 Results and Review

TNA Impact 6/10/10 Results

Brian Kendrick defeated Homicide
The Band defeated Matt Morgan
Kurt Angle defeated Amazing Red
Beer Money, Aj Styles, and Desmond Wolfe defeated Abyss, Anderson, Lethal, and Hardy

TNA Impact 6/10/10 Review

Aj Styles came out with most of the Ric Flair crew and started mouthing off about random crap. Then him and Kaz started to argue about things, and that prompted Jay Lethal to come out dressed like Ric Flair doing his parody thing again.

Lethal then said he put together a team to face Flair's crew. This was funny at first, but overall, it was just long and pointless to me.

Lethal, Anderson and Abyss fought the whole Flair crew...that was the opening.

Kendrick started to cut a promo backstage and was like the old Raven interviews, he was just randomly was weird. Honestly, it was like Raven lite.

Brian Kendrick defeated Homicide

First of all Homicide is wearing some weird trunks and it was stupid. Homicide and Kendrick could've put on a four star match, but instead, this thing was just a waste of time. Seriously, this thing was oen of the worst x-division matches I've seen in a long time.

Meanwhile, backstage Jesse Neal and Bubba Ray Dudley were fighting.

Bubba Ray got called out by Neal and the two faced off in the ring, and it led to a near brawl. It was lame.

Backstage Sting was killing Jeff Jarrett again. He apparently ripped Double J's shoulder? Whatever. Jarrett sucks, Sting sucks, and this is just stupid. Jarrett was taken away in an ambulance.

Matt Morgan came out and was ready for a tag team match, and out came Super Mex! Matt Morgan was completely beat down and put on a stretcher before the tag match. Hernandez just left, and out came the band.

The Band was scheduled to wrestle Matt Morgan & Hernandez but instead was laid out and that was that.

The Band defeated Matt Morgan

The Band came out and pinned a dead Matt Morgan. This was stupid, these guys get paid to do nothing! What the heck? I want to get paid to do nothing. What a terrible match, it was a non match, this is seriously one of the worst impact shows ever!

Backstage, Sting beat up RVD and just choked him out for no apparent reason. Sting stole the belt and that was that.

Kurt Angle defeated Amazing Red

This was by far the best match I've seen in TNA in a long time. Amazing Red was fighting fast, and Angle was getting punished with some high spots. Angle hit a few counters, but he was definitely giving Red some breathing room to showcase his talent. Red hung in there quite well against a much bigger Angle. Angle was nearly put away with several instances of Red's offense but after rolling away from one of the finishers from Red, and hitting the Angle Slam, Red lost.

Honestly, this was the funnest match I've seen in a long time. Angle and Red put on one hell of a television match and it was amazing to see.

Sting cut a weird promo, just like Raven. He sucks.

TNA put in a weird promo where they said they are growing and they have been expanding by leaps and bounds. REALLY TNA? REALLY? That's why they failed on Monday nights? That's why they are pulling .9 ratings on thursdays? Whatever.

Beer Money, Aj Styles, and Desmond Wolfe defeated Abyss, Anderson, Lethal, and Hardy

This eight man tag was just a “WWE” lite main event. I hate eight man tags from guys I don't care about. The teams worked ok together, I guess, but come on, this was not fun to watch. It was given a little bit of time, and it wasn't a complete waste, but it was far from something I wanted to see, let alone write about. I do give TNA credit, it was given a lot of time to run through. It ended up being all finishers at the end, which was ok I guess. I don't know who the legal person was as the ref let everyone just run in and do their finishers. I'm sick of hearing Tenay say “goozle”!

Desmond Wolfe got Chelsea to throw in a chair, and Abyss punched it...what a terrible move...Lethal jumped in and got hit with the Styles Clash for the win. This match was ok at, it was a little less than ok. The bad guys won in the end, and that was it.

Backstage Sting beat up RVD and it spilled into the ring, where RVD set up Sting to take some offense. I guess this sets up their match on Sunday, but once again, I ask, who cares? Sting and RVD set up a good little piece, but still, Sting sucks.

Was it me or were the Knockouts non-existent on this show?

Oh well.

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