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WWE Monday Night Raw 6/28/10 Results and Review

*I didn't get this review up sooner because my internet went down for the last few days, and I had to switch from one service provider to another. I'm hoping to get a job soon, so that I can pay for the internet service, so we'll see what happens.

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/28/10 Results

Kozlov defeated Santino
Sheamus defeated Mark Henry
Alicia Fox & Maryse defeated Eve & Gail Kim
Evan Bourne, John Morrison, Randy Orton, R Truth defeated Chris Jericho, The Miz, Ted Dibiase, Edge

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/28/10 Review

Sheamus started the show, and the crowd did not boo, they actually cheered, which was interesting to see, that's for sure. He was going on and on, then out came the super hero of the WWE, John Cena. Cena came out and asked for help from Sheamus and at the same time made fun of him.

The general manager emailed in some comments, and before the guys could start brawling, Michael Cole said some random crap. Next week the Nexus team will have to deal with the General manager. If anyone from the group comes into contact with the wwe universe, they'll get fired...lame.

They announced that John Cena will face Sheamus at the ppv in a cage match, whatever, that never stopped anyone from interfering.

The Hart Dynasty got beat up by the USOS. That's it. No match here, just a beat down.

Kozlov defeated Santino

In a really quick match, Santino got killed, that's it. He has gone from Intercontinental Champion to comedy act.

Rob Zombie came out and announced the Money In The Bank participants:

The Miz, Randy Orton, R Truth, Chris Jericho, Evan Bourne, Ted Dibiase, John Morrison, and Edge

Edge came out on the titan tron and started talking to Rob Zombie.

The mystery general manager set up a tag match...ugh...what a terrible night of wrestling.

Sheamus defeated Mark Henry

Mark Henry got jobbed out to Sheamus. I still think Sheamus sucks.

The legends came into the ring and started talking random crap. By legends I mean, the old legends. IRS, Michael Hayes, Arn Anderson, and others. Arn Anderson talked a bunch of crap and I don't know what was going on, I went to get a drink. Out came out the Nexus and they approached the ring area. They attacked the legends, especially Arn Anderson. They tried to get into the ring, but were thwarted at most attempts. They eventually beat up each legend one by one on the outside.

This is truly New World Order 3000.

I'm not sure what the whole point of this was, nor why the Nexus was still fighting, since they now have the contracts they asked for.

Alicia Fox & Maryse defeated Eve & Gail Kim

The divas got a random match, and you can expect that it was botched, sloppy, and tired. There were a few stand out moments, but nothing too extreme, nor worth mentioning.

Evan Bourne, John Morrison, Randy Orton, R Truth defeated Chris Jericho, The Miz, Ted Dibiase, Edge

This eight man tag was just like all the rest of the cluster eight man tags that end Raw. That being said, this match was given a good amount of time, and wasn't a spot fest. The match was watchable and quite interesting to see. Jericho and Bourne set the stage late on for Orton to hit the RKO and win this match up, with the crowd going nuts.

Post match, Edge attacked everyone and introduced a ladder and was attacking anyone that moved, but was thwarted by Morrison and Bourne. The Miz was left in ring and was going to pull down the briefcase prematurely, but Randy Orton threw him off a ladder.

One of the worst nights in pro-wrestling, that's for sure.

I didn't get to catch NXT so I didn't post results. I also don't care about the second season. Rob Zombie was a non factor in this night of wrestling. Lame.

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