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WWE Monday Night Raw 6/21/10 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/21/10 Results

Chris Jericho defeated Evan Bourne
Natalya vs Tamina
John Morrsion defeated Zack Ryder
Eve & The Great Khali defeated Alicia Fox & Primo Colon
Sheamus vs John Cena (no contest)

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/21/10 Review

Raw was definitely heavily anticipated by the world of wrestling due in large part to the way things went down at the ppv on Sunday. I was looking forward to seeing how things were going to be addressed and changed.

Vince McMahon came out and addressed the crowd by cutting what seemed to be a “heel” promo on Bret Hart. He relieved Bret Hart of his duties as general manager, and so that's the end of “The Hitman” and he fired him on the spot to a mixed reaction. Vince McMahon said that the new general manager will be doing things via email to a computer at the desk of the announcers.

The first thing announced was that the NXT 7 have in fact been hired and they will address the crowd later. That prompted Sheamus to come out with the WWE title, before McMahon could leave the ring.

Sheamus got on the mic and relinquished the title to McMahon, then took it back, and then gloated. He was receiving a mix of cheers and boos, I would rather just not have John Cena as champion, that's all. I don't think Sheamus is that good at all. Sheamus followed things up by thanking the NXT guys.

John Cena came out and went on about random crap, and still gets a positive reaction.

He invoked his rematch clause, and via emails the main event was booked with a special guest referee.

Tonight it will be John Cena vs Sheamus w/ special guest referee Mr. McMahon.

And the plot thickens! I liked how Raw began already, and it made me want to stay tuned for the main event with McMahon as guest referee. Will Vinnie Mac screw Cena? Will he screw Sheamus? I don't know?! And that's the great thing about pro-wrestling sometimes, not knowing what's around the corner.

Chris Jericho defeated Evan Bourne

In a rematch of the ppv match, Chris Jericho fought Evan Bourne. Bourne was getting a lot of punishment dumped on him by the former champion. This match wasn't nearly as good as the ppv match, but he was definitely putting on a show against the up and coming star. Evan Bourne looked all but beat towards the closing moments of this match, with Jericho softening him up for the Walls of Jericho or at least the Codebreaker, but Bourne kept fighting back and in an amazing Hurricanrana from a standing position, the tables turned and it seemed like Jericho was in for another loss. The Walls of Jericho got put on and the crowd went nuts, as the move was rolled through into position. Bourne got out of the move, and knocked Jericho out, he then went up for the shooting star press but Jericho put his knees up then hit the Walls of Jericho for the win over Evan Bourne. I liked this match far better than the previous one, with Bourne taking a knockout knee blow unprotected from Jericho.

Post match it looked like Jericho was going to do the classy thing and shake Bourne's hand, but he pushed him down and walked away.

Backstage Virgil was fired and replaced with Maryse. I guess that's the end of Virgil's second run in the WWE? I don't know.

Natalya vs Tamina (no contest)

The women got to put on an alright match, until the NXT rookies came to the ring and interupted the match up.

The NXT guys were ready to apologize but the Hart's jumped the NXT guys only to get beaten up easily. NXT basically ruined the last 2 weeks of build up, apologizing like chumps. Way to drop the ball.

The only good thing that came out of this was that the NXT 7 will now be part of the WWE roster, but furthermore the fact that there's a legitimate faction and stable in the WWE. It's about time there was a stable in pro-wrestling.

John Morrsion defeated Zack Ryder

I feel somewhere, somehow, that I”ve seen this match happen many times before. This match was average and while John Morrison is talented, he's not on par with Ryder. Yeah, I said that, Ryder is a little better in terms of persona than the “Shaman of Misses”. Does he ever land “Starship Pain”? Come on. The match had a few good moments, but overall this match was your standard singles fair from Morrison, eventually hitting his finisher, and landing it, which was odd. I didn't like this match, even though Ryder keeps on growing on me. Maybe I'm being too hard on these two, and these guys deserve some praise for a better than average Raw match up.

Eve & The Great Khali defeated Alicia Fox & Primo Colon

This match was your standard mixed tag. Alicia Fox and Eve fought most of the match until Primo and Khali played the “Big Man vs Small Man” routine, with Primo selling each move like he was going to die. The Punjabi Plunge finished off the much smaller Primo and Alicia Fox left the ring before anything too crazy could happen. I didn't like this at all, and was actually bored really. Khali is massive, that's for sure.

Randy Orton cut a promo, and I'm already sick of him. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah I'm the Viper, I'm going to take your championship, Blah Blah Blah.

The Miz came out and interrupted. The Miz cut a major hell promo against Orton. I like what Miz said, he resounded what I've been saying for years on this blog: “I'm sick of seeing you in the main event, I'm sick of seeing you in yet another WWE title match”. The Miz told Orton to get to the back of the line.

The Miz said he was next in line to get a WWE Title Match. The Miz then attacked Orton, straight way, he didn't sugar coat it at all, but The Viper was striking and getting upset, but Miz rolled away only to have Edge run in and hit a nice Spear on Edge.

Edge said, “now the real fun begins, Randy”.

The only thing Randy has going for him is that his name reminds me of Macho Man Randy Savage, that's about it.

Sheamus vs John Cena (no contest)

Vince didn't become the ref, he was at ringside to make sure nothing happened at all.

This match was interesting to me. Basically, we had two guys that wrestled around 24 hours beforehand on a ppv, and yet showed no signs of being tired, beaten up or weary. Meanwhile, Sheamus was trying his best to match Super Cena's mediocre offense, and was actually doing more than most opponents. Sheamus looked way more winded at times than Cena, and it looked as though Cena was distracted at times.

The Cena chants were immense and this match was getting interesting as time wore on, and I was actually wondering whether or not Cnea would win the championship on Raw rather than in epic fashion on ppv.

The NXT guys came out and chased away Sheamus through the crowd. They then beat up John Cena, chased the announcers away, and threw the announce table on top of John Cena.

Vince McMahon did nothing at all to stop them.

Vince then got in ring and on the microphone. He told the NXT guys to leave Cena alone and then invited the NXT guys to enter the ring. He then introduced the NXT guys and said he was responsible for all of their actions.

Including choking out the ring announcer? Firing Daniel Bryan?

He said that next week the general manager was going to reveal something, and that's when the NXT guys started to look at McMahon with some mean faces. That's when I realized, much like everyone else realized, NXT was NOT run by McMahon at all!

The NXT guys circled Vince McMahon and this was going sour fast, and I marked out huge! The NXT guys beat the crap out of Vince McMahon! They put the boots to him, and they just kept going for it! I was going nuts, the crowd loved it, and I was wondering why in the world is this PG? They are beating the crap out of the CEO of the company! McMahon took a major beating, and NO ONE, and I do mean NO ONE came out to save him. Wade Barrett then hit his finisher on McMahon and this thing ended on another great note. I can't believe that this faction is so over, and they let Justin Gabriel hit the 450 splash on the CEO! If you missed RAW you missed another great ending, geez.

Once again, they beat up McMahon and NO ONE saved him, NO ONE. The fans chanted NXT as the guys walked away. The last image was McMahon dead in the ring. Yep.

It's finally an exciting time to be a pro-wrestling fan, WWE is finally doing it right and knocking this one out of the park.

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  1. its getting old with the nxt guys .im to the point that i dont want to watch anymore. either hire or fire them decause its getting old



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