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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 6/26/10 Results and Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 6/26/10 Results

Big Show defeated Jack Swagger via disqualification
Christian, Kofi Kingston, MVP defeated Dolph Ziggler, Archer, Hawkins
Matt Hardy defeated Drew McIntyre
Kelly Kelly defeated Rosa
Kane vs Cm Punk no contest

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 6/26/10 Review

The show started with Teddy Long and Vickie Guerrero rambling about the next ppv, and also talking about how Vinnie Mac got beat up. Drew McIntyre interrupted and said that Teddy Long shouldn't be happy. Teddy Long reinstated Matt Hardy and made a match tonight with Drew.

Big Show defeated Jack Swagger via disqualification

Once again, Big Show fought Swagger, this time there were no titles on the line. Big Show was dominant for the most part. He was hitting Swagger quite hard at times and this match was quite slow. It looked like Swagger's arm was definitely injured at times, but it seemed to be alright towards the end of the match. All in all, this was probably one of the more entertaining Big Show matches as Jack Swagger was able to incorporate some nice strategy and counters to the freight train that is Big Show. Jack Swagger put on an ankle lock submission, and would not release the hold. That was that.

Stryker said that he hasn't seen Big Show so vulnerable, I wonder if he saw when Big Boss Man dragged Show's father's casket threw the cemetery. I'd say he was more vulnerable then, just sayin.

Christian, Kofi Kingston, MVP defeated Dolph Ziggler, Archer, Croft

Christian works really well in six man tags, that's what I got from this one. This match was your average six man tag with lots of high spots, and lots of cool moments to see. Christian was given a lot of cool points in the match and it wasn't all bad. Christian eventually got the win for his team, and this match was better than I thought it would be.

Maybe Christian is not getting fired, like many podcasts were claiming.

Matt Hardy defeated Drew McIntyre

I'm sick of seeing Fat Ass Matt Hardy in WWE. I wish he would finally go away. This match was a mix of strong style than it was a finesse driven wrestling match. Drew seemed dominant early on and was definitely in control for a good portion of the match. While Hardy did have some counters for the Scottish thug, He was taking a lot of punishment. Hardy eventually had enough gusto to hit the Twist of Fate and get the pinfall victory, without interference or foreign objects. I guess this is the end of their feud? I guess. Hardy managed to pull out an interesting finish, despite being fat.

Teddy Long deported Drew McIntyre! He said Drew's Visa expired and that was that. Good riddance.

Cody Rhodes came out and really started to shine on the Mic with his NXT rookie. Apparently they voted him most handsome. Husky Harris looks like the second coming of Festus. Rhodes then verbally attacked his NXT Rookie, and continued to just say how he sucked. He then sent him to the back, and cut a funny promo, bringing Rhodes into a new light. I like this new Cody Rhodes.

Kelly Kelly defeated Rosa

This match as really short, and Kelly Kelly won, that was it.

Kane vs Cm Punk no contest

No one wins anything in the WWE do they? This match was a back and forth affair with the Straightedge Society pushing Kane at times, double teaming him and forcing him to fight a bit more than usual. Punk eventually got worked over on the stairs, and when things got too heated, the two went to the concession stands on the first floor of the arena and Punk went through a couple of tables, and the two fought straight into the parking lot. Punk ran away into the streets and Kane was left watching him, and that's your smackdown!

This night of Smackdown sucked. It wasn't that great and the champion wasn't even on the show! Punk was terrible against Kane and once again there was a no finish ending to the match. I just don't care about Smackdown right now.

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