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WWE Monday Night Raw 6/6/10 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/6/10 Results

The Big Show defeated Chris Jericho in a body slam challenge
The Hart Dynasty defeated The Great Khali and Hornswoggle
Vladimir Kozlov defeated Santino in a dance contest
Kane defeated Sheamus via countout
Matt hardy defeated Drew McIntyre
The Miz & Zack Ryder defeated R-Truth and John Morrison
Randy Orton defeated Edge by disqualification
CM Punk vs. John Cena (no contest)

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/6/10 Review

The night was supposed to be viewers choice, and in some ways it kind of was. The internet is buzzing with how this thing all ended, but I don't really care...yet. Time will tell.

The show opened up with the general managers talking in ring and immediately I was bored. I'm sorry, I just saw this whole thing coming. The people in charge set up a viewers choice option with Randy Orton and Ege, with some stupid choices like a math or sit up contest! Come on man! Sit up Contest? What a joke. They set up a match between Jericho and The Big Show.

The Big Show defeated Chris Jericho in a body slam challenge

What a waste of two competitors. While I am optimistic about Jericho's strength, I knew from the get go that there was no chance in hell that Big Show was losing this one. Big Show won after a nice effort from Chris Jericho. Raw is not going well so far for me.

The Hart Dynasty defeated The Great Khali and Hornswoggle

This match was dumb, and it was just stupid. The votes came in between a lot of different tag teams, and ended up being Khali and Hornswoggle instead of other opponents, which was stupid to say the least. At least we k now it wasn't rigged, right? Did people actually vote them in? Whatever the case is, The Hart Dynasty won the match.

Post match the Uso's beat up the Dynasty. Whatever, so far the viewers are idiots.

Vladimir Kozlov defeated Santino in a dance contest

I don't know how to seriously review a dance contest, but that's what the fans voted for between these two. Raw was going completely comedic. I hated the show up to this point, and for good reason too.

Maryse won a divas battle royal

This wasn't half bad, but I'm tired of the same old divas revolving around similar circumstances to win or lose matches for a belt I care nothing about.

Kane defeated Sheamus

This sucks. This is stupid. Kane is NOT the big red machine to me, and losing via countout is stupid to say the least. Kane has jobbed out in the past, but this victory wasn't so hot, and it actually just made me wish this show wasn't 3 hours. Yet I had to sit through the rest. Kane won via countout, that's all that is important I guess.

The Miz & Zack Ryder defeated R-Truth and John Morrison

This match was ok to say the least. The crowd seemed to die down at this point, and rightfully so. I didn't expect Truth and Morrison to win, and they sure didn't. The miz and Ryder? I don't like their team, and Ryder can get fired for all I care.

Randy Orton defeated Edge by disqualification

This wasn't even a match, it was like a minute at most. It was actually a stupid thing to see. Orton had one hand tied behind his back, well it was in a sling, and he fought Edge if you can call it that. Edge got the best of the exchange even though he lost the match. Orton might be legit injured, I don't know, and guess what? I don't care. Hopefully Orton can return to form soon.

Matt Hardy defeated Drew McIntyre

This match was fast paced, with Hardy just winning by beating Drew up most of the match. He won after a few minutes, then kept fighting, and that was it. Apparently the crowd loves the guy, so I guess that's ok with me. This match was short, and I didn't mind, I don't think Drew is over and is bland as mayo, so to see him beat up is kind of interesting, even if I don't care.

The next segment was ok for a moment. Rampage Jackson was kidnapped and brought into the ring by IRS, Ted Dibiase and Virgil. Then out came Piper, and wanted to beat up Rampage Jackson, but out ran Dusty Rhodes and he beat up Ted and IRS and Jackson with help from Murdoch fought the bad guys off...it was mildy amusing to see Roddy Piper, that's for sure.

CM Punk vs. John Cena (no contest)

The main event was next, at least that's what I could gather, and it wasn't all that great. The fans voted in Cm Punk for this match up, and Cena was making quick work of Punk. Punk was fighting back and was amidst a comeback until Cena got the better of the exchanges and then got distracted. Wade Barrett came down to the ring and distracted Cena. Then out came the NXT rookies! They all came down and they beat up the Straigtedge Society, and then got onto the ring!

Ok, I was marking out huge for this. The NXT rookies all stepped into the ring and this was getting good! Yes, CENA took on all the NXT rookies, and just got beat up. I was marking out huge for once, that's right, for once I actually cared about a segment on Raw. I was going nuts, because CENA finally was getting his comuppance. The nxt guys were completely killing CENA! YES YES YES!

Then Matt Striker got beat up! Then Michael Cole got beat up! The NXT guys were completely killing everyone. They were beraking the set, beating up guys at ringside, I think a fan might have gotten beat up. The Fink was out there getting beat up.

That's right, the NXT guys comletely took over folks, they ripped apart the place and then the ring and I was going nuts at home, for once I cared about Raw, for once I actually enjoyed watching WWE programming. I love this turn, and I hope they figure out how to make it work. Holy crap, if you missed the ending to Raw, you really missed out. This was completely insane, no commentary, just a complete dismantling of the RING.

John Cena fought back only to get beat down, and I loved every second of it. Oh man, BEST RAW of 2010! BEST FREAKIN RAW! If only for the ending where the NXT guys completely killed Cena and everyone at ring side. Wow...if you missed it, you really missed it, you just missed it. Wow. This was amazing. HOLY CRAP! CENA got killed, that's all I know. WOW.

Cena was taken out on a stretcher and this thing was over.

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