Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WWE NXT 8/16/10 Results and REview

WWE NXT 8/16/10 Results

Kofi Kingston defeated Alex Riley
Kaval defeated Huskie Harris
Zack Ryder defeated Mike McGullicutty

WWE NXT 8/16/10 Review

I'm still upset that Cena won two nights in a row.

Percy Watson was eliminated.

Zack Ryder defeated Mike McGullicutty

This was an ok match. Ryder took a lot of offense in this match, and was fighting back a few times. Towards the end of the match, this thing started to look like the rookie might have an edge, but nope, Zack Ryder got the better win here.

Kaval defeated Huskie Harris

This was definitely a great overall match up, and I liked it. Harris took a stiff kick to the face, and Kaval hit his finisher, winning. Both of these guys should be contracted stars, I liked this match.

Kofi Kingston defeated Alex Riley

Alex Riley isn't that good without the Miz's help. I liked this match was ok, but overall, but Riley needs work on his in ring skills.

Husky Harris was eliminated.

That's the end of that.

This show suckd. I'm tired.

I hate Cena.

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