Thursday, August 26, 2010

WWE NXT 8/24/10 Results and Review

WWE NXT 8/24/10 Results

Cody Rhodes defeated MVP

WWE NXT 8/24/10 Review

NXT really was terrible.

The show started with the rookies talking and random crap...I was tired.

The show then progressed into a TRIVIA contest...I kid you not.

Cody Rhodes defeated MVP

This match was longer than average matches on NXT and was the ONLY match on NXT. Cody put on a good overall match up and actually had MVP's number on this one. MVP was able to hit some good overall moments, but Cody managed to win this one with CrossRhodes. I liked this match enough, and it's a shame that more wrestling doesn't occur on NXT.

What a waist of time.

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