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WWE Monday Night Raw 8/16/10 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 8/16/10 Results

Wade Barrett defeated Chris Jericho
Michael Tarver defeated Daniel Bryan
Justin Gabriel defeated Randy Orton via Count Out
David Otunga & SKip Sheffield defeated John Morrison & R Truth
Alicia Fox, Maryse, and Who cares! defeated Gail Kim, Melina, Eve Torres
Heath Slater defeated Edge via countout
John Cena defeated Darren "Black John Cena" Young

WWE Monday Night Raw 8/16/10 Review

The night after Summerslam had many expecting great things, and I for one wasn't. I'm sick of SUPER CENA always winning, and Summerslam sucked, despite throwing up a lot of great action.

Here are my thoughts on WWE RAW from last night....oh boy...

Wade Barrett and Nexus came out and Wade cut a promo. He said that there was going to be hell to pay. He was in mid-sentence when John Cena came out! Yep. Cena came out, and he didn't even look tired, despite taking a beating last night. I'm SOOOO SICK OF JOHN CENA! You don't even know...I'm like Bobby Heenan vs. Hulk Hogan, I hate the guy's character. Cena went through each Nexus star and broke them down with comedy...and I don't care.

The fake general manager emailed or whatever...who cares.

Nexus will fight in a series of matches against Team WWE guys...I'm so tired of this feud, they totally killed it for me last night with the SUPER CENA win...I'm so sick of this crap.

Wade said that if anyone loses, they'll get kicked out of Nexus.


Wade Barrett defeated Chris Jericho

This was a nice back and forth match. It had some good action, with some good power moves here and there, Jericho's speed getting the better of Wade and eventually the Walls of Jericho. Jericho couldn't put away the veteran with ease, and it looked as though Wade would be out first in his group. As Jericho went for the Codebreaker, Wade caught him in mid air and dropped Jericho on his head and won! It was a nice finish to a half-way decent match. I'm a believer, Wade Barrett is a good wrestler and I could see him going far outside of the Nexus group. Jericho loses again.

Some random comedians were in ring, including the Mac guy.

The Hart Dynasty was out in the ring and the General Manager emailed. The titles are now called the WWE Tag Team Championships, instead of two sets of belts. Bret Hart came out and introduced the team with the new titles, and they are quite nice. New Tag Team Titles! Wow.

Too bad there's no tag teams.

Michael Tarver defeated Daniel Bryan

This match was ok, and if it weren't for Michael Cole's comments, I wouldn't care. This match was forgettable, until The Miz came down to interfere and cost Bryan the match up.

Post match, Bryan lunged at The Miz and started fighting him. However, The Miz and Alex Riley attacked him and then hit the Skull Crushing Finale on the briefcase. Bryan was out cold...out cold. The Miz vs Bryan feud will be amazing and I hope that Daniel Bryan will get the U.S. Title. I'm sick of Michael Cole, I hope someone punches him in the face.

Justin Gabriel was scheduled to face Bret Hart. The general manager said that he didn't like Hart, and that Gabriel will fight a new opponent....none other than....Randy Orton

Justin Gabriel defeated Randy Orton via Count Out

Gabriel fought an ok match, but this match was all Orton towards the finish, which saw Sheamus run in and distract him. Orton chased him and after getting counted out hit an RKO on Gabriel then teed off on Sheamus with a steel chair. Orton went nuts on Sheamus, and that was that.

David Otunga & SKip Sheffield defeated John Morrison & R Truth

This was a relatively easy match up for Nexus. Otunga and Sheffield won this one with ease. I didn't hate it, and it was interesting to see nexus work well as a team. Not a long match, but it served its purpose.

Alicia Fox, Maryse, and Who cares! defeated Gail Kim, Melina, Eve Torres

The divas match...it sucked. I hate the divas. You should too.

When will women wrestlers actually get some good matches? I hate the WWE divas these days. Jon Lovitz was ringside.

Heath Slater defeated Edge via countout

This was stupid. Slater won via countout. Edge and Heath didn't really do much in ring, and Edge barely broke a sweat. Whatever...Slater wins, and Edge speared him after the match. What an easy night for the wwe guys.

John Cena defeated Darren "Black John Cena" Young

I don't know how the world didn't blow up, and why we are still alive. I don't understand what is going on here, but Black John Cena and John Cena Versino 1 fought each other. I knew what was going to happen. Super Cena can't lose. He's never going to lose and if he does, people will forget. Remember when John Cena told Batista that he couldn't beat him? Well, Cena lost to Batista a few years ago at Summerslam. I guess they forgot. This match was back and forth at several different points, and Cena might've lost, had he not been John Cena. Cena eventually got the STFU on Black Cena and won via submission...and I don't care.

Post match, the Nexus crew ran down to the ring and were ready to attack. They let Cena leave, and they attacked Black John Cena. Darren Young is out of Nexus. Then there was only 6.

What will Young Do? Who cares?

Nexus survives?

WHO CARES? I don't care about this story line.


I can't get behind Cena, I'm not an 8 year old. Hogan at least had awesome bad guys to face, cena? He just has no one left to beat, let him retire.

I'm so tired of this trash. Raw sucked.

I hate Nexus now I hate Cena, and man....wrestling was good for a few weeks and now it's back in the trash can.

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