Friday, August 20, 2010

WWE Superstars 8/19/10 Results and Review

WWE Superstars 8/19/10 Results

Yoshi Tatsu defeated Primo
Archer & Hawkins defeated MVP & JTG
Jack Swagger defeated Chris Masters

WWE Superstars 8/19/10 Review

I've had a long week, and not a great one. I'm still broke, and I'm still writing wrestling reviews to an audience of 1 or 2. No money is coming from ads, no one is buying anything from Amazon...but whatever.

Here's my thoughts on WWE SUPERSTARS IN HD!

Yoshi Tatsu defeated Primo

I'm a big fan of good wrestling, and this match had some fine wrestling. It's hard for jaded wrestling fans to enjoy premium wrestling, but this was actually quite good at times. Yoshi and Primo can go, and it's unfortunate that this type of wrestling doesn't make its way to ppv or the major shows, in a real storyline. I liked this match, and although there were a lot of rest holds, there was a good story being told. Yoshi won after a weak Spinning Heel Kick off the top, but after around 10 minutes, why not? I liked this match, even though it's a throwaway of sorts.

Archer & Hawkins defeated MVP & JTG

This match wasn't terrible, but I didn't care about either team. THe match had a few spots, mostly from Archer and MVP. JTG is still employed? I thought it was "Shads" time? I'm sick of these teams...and yet, I keep saying that there's no tag division...go figure. This match sucked. There was a nice botch towards the end with JTG and ARcher trying to set up a finisher, but they recovered without any fan reaction, and MVP and JTG lose again. Who cares?

Jack Swagger defeated Chris Masters

There's a guy at my local mall that looks like Jack Swagger. I make fun of him non stop. Chris Masters lost this one, without much fight. Sure, he had a few moments, but nothing that I would write home about. Masters did have a few shots, but you knew that Swagger was NOT losing this one, and he didn't. Swagger, hopefully will be on his way back towards the main event, as he's headlining Superstars rather than chasing the title, that he lost.

Overall Superstars has the most wrestling out of all the shows. No story lines, just wrestling. I liked it, but it's not a show that you can't miss out on. If you missed it, oh well, if you saw it, then you killed about 45 minutes.

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