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WWE Superstars 8/26/10 Results and Review

WWE Superstars 8/26/10 Results

William Regal defeated Goldust
The Dudebusters defeated Archer & Hawkins
Drew McIntyre defeated Chris Masters

WWE Superstars 8/26/10 Review

I'm sorry for the delays, I'm battling a cold, and there's been wild fires near my home, so the smokey air has played havoc on my eyes and senses. I'll try to be more precise in timing. Also, I might be interested in a "news" guy. If you feel like you can give me some wrestling news to post with witty comments that are some times going to offend, send me an email with your name, interest, and what kind of time frame you have. Rumors, news, rants, whatever, let me know what you have in mind. You won't get paid, You won't get laid, but you'll be one of the members of an exclusive club of wrestling writers...The Sir Jorge WWE crew. If I ever make a penny, I'll cut you in, until then, it would be a labor of love. Which is why I'm still doing the site. email me at sirjorge AT gmail dot com if you're interested.

Here's my superstars commentary.

Let me preface my review by stating that Superstars is the WWE versino of WCW Thunder, with one exception: NO MAJOR STORY LINE FOR PPV forwards from the show. At least Thunder had some good matches and would help the ppv's. I personally loved the Raven vs. DDP feud and that spilled into PPV, as the flock attacked both Chris Benoit and DDP, just to remind you.

William Regal defeated Goldust

For purists, this match was quite good, and the crowd seemed to be into it as well, unless the crowd noise was piped in on the production side. Regal did his ground based attack and Goldust stuck to his mixture of spots, but it was Regal that managed to get the win with a knockout knee lift. Not a crazy match, but an adequate one, with a good amount of hard hitting action. Regal might be on his way back to the big leagues, but time will tell.

The Dudebusters defeated Archer & Hawkins

These two teams are a terrible example of what the tag team division has become. Sure, it'd be nice to get more tag teams in the WWE, but this is all the WWE can offer? I'd rather not have a tag division, if this is how convoluted it is. I don't care if every tag match is the same, if they could just make interesting tag teams, I'd watch none the less...but just isn't happening. The Dudebusters win, but who cares?

Drew McIntyre defeated Chris Masters

Chris Masters hasn't been relevant for a long time. It's a shame because he was actually not half bad when he was on the juice. Now that he's not on the juice as much, he's just not that exciting, and to see Drew McIntyre winning over him, was not fun. I don't like DREW, and I am tired of seeing him wrestle. Drew wins with the Future Show DDT which was interesting to say the least.

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