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TNA Impact 8/12/10 The Whole FN Show Results and Review

TNA Impact 8/12/10 Results

Kurt Angle defeated Aj Styles
Angelina Love defeated Madison Rayne
Matt Morgan defeated The Pope & Mr. Anderson in a triple threat match
Jeff Hardy defeated Shannon Moore
The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Beer Money
RVD defeated Abyss in a Stairway to Janice Match

TNA Impact 8/12/10 Review

Kurt Angle defeated Aj Styles

Yes, this match was ppv caliber, yes, there were some great spots. I didn't hate this match, but it was really hard for me to suspend disbelief and assume that Kurt could lose here. Aj's new tattoo is so stupid looking. There were botches, which was relatively rare to see from these two...well not that rare but still. Angle looked like he was injured on a ddt, but he was playing hurt to get an Angle Slam in on Styles. Angle is NOT looking good, as he was severely winded in this match going on 7 minutes. Aj Styles taps out in one of the most predictable matches I've ever seen in my life.

Angelina Love defeated Madison Rayne

This match sucked. I hate the knockouts. The best part was the biker woman was almost de-masked. They took her helmet off but she had a mask on, and ran away. I think it was Madison Rayne...I can't tell anyone apart in this division any longer. The Whole F'N show sucks.

Matt Morgan defeated The Pope & Mr. Anderson in a triple threat match

This match was terribly booked. This was a big cluster, and while there was a few spots that I thought could've ended up well, it just wasn't done very well or clean. Anderson didn't even break a sweat here. He hit the MIC check on The Pope and Morgan ran in to get the pinfall victory. What could've been a quality match was ruined by lazy wrestling from all men involved.

Jeff Hardy defeated Shannon Moore

Shannon Moore is the mystery opponent? This is stupid. The match went longer than it should've and it wasn't terrible, but no one cares about these two right now. Jeff is getting fatter. Shannon Moore was hit with the Swanton and that was that...Hardy wins against a glorified jobber.

The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Beer Money

I am the only person that HATES seeing essentially 7 matches between these guys. I AM SICK OF SEEING THESE TWO TEAMS! I like the tag division, but I HATE repetition to this extent. This match was ok, but it seemed rushed and was a majority of high spots with no major psychology. I'm sick of seeing this crap. this match sucked, I said it. Their last match sucked, and aside from maybe 1 of the matches, this series SUCKED! It's painfully obvious that there's a lack of tag teams in TNA and in pro wrestling altogether.

RVD defeated Abyss in a Stairway to Janice Match

Eric Bischoff was the guest referee. RVD and Abyss had an extreme match that didn't see that stupid Janice thing come into play. Oh and RVD won via PINFALL! WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP! FIRE ALL THE TNA WRITERS! SERIOUSLY FIRE ALL OF THEM! This match was a cluster of stupidity, with just such terrible spots...who cares! I'm sick of this sick of this crap...what a terribl show, what a terrible match what a terrible show...RVD needs to just start getting better opponents.

The TNA people kept talking about HULK HOGAN having a great surprise. They hyped it at every turn. HOGAN came out with PYRO and after the main event, HOGAN came out and was getting a nice ovation. It was so stupid! I'm sick of watching this piece of crap. HOgan praised RVD and ugh...I'm sorry, this is just so stupid.

HOGAN said SABU was the most dangerous man in the business? Hogan said that about Macho, Luger, The Giant, and so much more. Ugh...Hogan's tired.

EV2 was invited out. All the former ECW guys showed up and that was the surprise? The lights went out and.....

when the lights came back on FOLEY was laid out.

What was it? It was TNA beating up all the EV2.0 guys!

Sandman came down the crowd and he got laid out too.

People were getting pbladed, peaople were getting beat. Out came Abyss and he beat down RVD.

FIRE ALL THE TNA WRITERS! FIRE ALL OF THEM! THIS IS STUPID! EV2.0 vs TNA?!?!?! SERIOUSLY?! This angle is just like the Nexus vs WWE thing....THIS IS SO STUPID!

Remember ECW did an invasion already. It was a ppv called INVASION!

Ric Flair came down to the ring smiling and laughing.

They cut to Abyss and RVD. RVD was full of blood and that was that. He was left in the back bleeing.

Flair then tried to attack Dixie Carter! That's right, FLair was ready to attack DIXIE!


RVD was so injured, he'll give up the title and they'll have a tournament.

Remember when Pope was going to get a title shot? Remember the 8 card stud tournament?


OH MY FREAKING....I give up...I haven't seen such a terrible night of wrestling in a long time. I can't believe this is modern professional wrestling. WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!

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