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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 8/6/10 Results and Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 8/6/10 Results

Dashing Cody Rhodes defeated Matt Hardy
Dolph Ziggler defeated Kofi Kingston to win the Intercontinental Championship
The Straightedge Society defeated MVP, JTG, and Chris Masters
Rey Mysterio defeated Drew McIntyre

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 8/6/10 Review

Rey Mysterio started the show and was cutting a promo. He was talking about last week and getting thrown into the Gulf of Mexico. I didn't really like this, and I've never been a big fan of Mysterio on the mic. I don't think that MYSTERIO should ever be allowed on the's stupid. He claims he didn't take out Undertaker.

Drew McIntyre came out. Drew said that Rey was a criminal and basically that he sucked. I'm so sick of Drew McIntyre....and Smackdown took 15 minutes to open and it was terrible.

Dashing Cody Rhodes defeated Matt Hardy

I don't like Cody Rhodes and his new gimmick. It's not because he's a bad wrestler, it's because he looks like this kid I knew. He was screwing with all the chicks in my class, and in his grade and would never get his this day, he was just hitting it and quitin I'm a little bitter about it. I'm sick of seeing Fat Ass Matt Hardy, fyi. This match was ok, with Cody actually working over Matt a lot better than most other wrestlers. Hardy looked winded early. This match took some nice spots and made watching it bearable, but it was the end that got me. Hardy looked legit knocked out at one point and then CrossRhodes was hit and that was that.

Laycool found a loophole into the WWE Women's Title trouble. They split the title belt in half...literally! YES LITERALLY! Ridiculous if you ask me, but whatever.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Kofi Kingston to win the Intercontinental Championship

If anyone deserves the IC title it's Ziggler. He should've won it last year at Night of Champions when he put on a 5 star classic, but whatever. He finally gets the title and by defeating Kofi Kingston. I personally don't like Kofi that much, but then again, many don't like Ziggler. This match was a little boring, with high spots missing. Ziggler basically had the majority of the offense here, and it looked lke this thing was over when Kingston hit Trouble in Paradise! Vickie went to work distracting the ref and Ziggler hit the ZIG ZAG for the win.

Post match, Kofi beat down Ziggler to within an inch of his life. I don't care. I'm not a huge Kofi fan.

The Straightedge Society came out and Punk was on the mic, good work as usual. Punk started going nuts, well he was a nuts leader before, but now he's even more nuts.

The Straightedge Society defeated MVP, JTG, and Chris Masters

This was your standard six man tag fare. Nothing too crazy here, moderately entertaining at times. PUnk kicked MVP while he wasn't looking and Luke Gallows pinned him. That was that. This match didn't completely bore me, but it was hard to get into when 4 out of the 6 guys were just jobbers.

Rey Mysterio defeated Drew McIntyre

Drew can wrestle, sometimes. He's not always on, and that's what bugs me the most about him. This match was nearly all McIntyre with Mysterio getting beat down for a good portion of this match up. Mysterio would eventually turn things around with some quickness and his patented move sets. While Drew dodged the 619, he could dodge the Huricanrana reversal to roll up pinfall victory and that was that. This match was long, and featured some nice easy going spots, and Rey won.

Mysterio was supposed to reveal who really got to Taker. But Kane came down with a casket and ran him away. Rey was about to SNITCH!

REY SNITCHED ON KANE, basically said that KANE did it.

On paper this show was solid, but in action? Not really. I was kind of bored with this week's edition of SMackdown and am glad I can finally stop writing.

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  1. Dolph is great but I think he needs a new name and he needs to develop a gimmick before he can reach the main event.

    Kofi sucks. Seeing this "darker" side of Kofi is downright laughable. What, is Kofi Kingston the new Batista?

    And I was really hoping it wasn't Kane. Everyone's been expecting Kane from the beginning, can't the WWE surprise us just ONCE? Or is that too much to ask.

    and I just realized, I haven't marked out in months. Since Jericho retained at Wrestlemania honestly. It's pathetic.



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