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TNA Impact 8/19/10 Results and Review

TNA Impact 8/19/10 Results

Jeff Hardy defeated Rob Terry
Mr. Anderson defeated Jay Lethal
Angelina Love defeated Madison Rayne
Kurt Angle defeated Douglas Williams
AJ Styles defeated Tommy Dreamer
The Pope defeated Matt Morgan

TNA Impact 8/19/10 Review

The show starts with Abyss and Jeff Hardy backstage fighting.

I'm going to say this straight up, I HATE THESE TWO WRESTLING! They've wrestled a BILLION times! I've seen them fight in Monsters Ball matches, regular matches, and so much more. I'm tired of seeing them fight, it's boring.

Eric Bischoff was in ring and said he never has seen something so horrific as last week's attack on EV2!


You didn't see the NWO slam a steel cage door into the side of Flair's head? Just to name a quick one....or didn't you see Goldberg literally tazer Scott Hall?


I'm tired.

Jeff Hardy defeated Rob Terry

Jeff Hardy ran into the ring and was hitting Rob Terry with a variety of moves, trying to get the big man down, and it wasn't working too well. Rob Terry was throwing Hardy around in amazing fashion, and I personally liked it. I like Terry, despite the obvious look of steroid abuse. Hardy, managed to turn things around in the midpoint and hit Terry with some nice offense to hang in there. Hardy hit the Swanton but only landed his legs on Terry and won.

I didn't like the end of the match. BUt I did like the match enough.

Hulk Hogan was on a cell phone, and he was saying he was going to quit the show.

Mr. Anderson defeated Jay Lethal

This match was fast paced, and wasn't given a lot of time. Lethal has been on a streak, but somehow he loses clean to Anderson. That's right, Anderson didn't cheat in this one, he didn't use a foreign object, he just out smarted Lethal, which is a bit odd to me, considering that Jay Lethal was on the rise...but whatever.

Angelina Love defeated Madison Rayne

This match sucked. The Knockouts have NOT been good in a long time. Not since Gail Kim left have I cared about the Knockouts. The only thing that might gain some credence is if they unmask the motorcycle girl, other than that, I don't care.

Fortune was in the ring and things were looking good? They have 6 members now? What the heck? Yes, they have six members now. How is this like the Four Horseman?

EV 2 came out and basically set up a feud with Fortune...that's why there's 6 now, or 7 because it's a feud....i'm already sick of this feud. They're doing what WWE is doing...only lighter.

Kurt Angle defeated Douglas Williams

This match wasn't terrible, but I'm so tired of Angle steamrolling EVERY person in TNA. It's hard to imagine that he'll lose. I'm sick of this crap. He's getting close to getting a title shot...I don't care. I really don't give a crap about either one of these guys, and TNA keeps shoving it down my throat.

Kevin Nash & Sting came out to the ring and started mouthing off. Then came out Double J and this started a feud sick of this crap.

The four guys were going to fight and the lights went out and guess what?

Fortune was in the ring and beating up the four guys.


The Pope D'Angelo Dinero defeated Matt Morgan

These two can probably put on a good match, but given such a short amount of time, it was interesting to see if they could make it work. This match was relatively boring to me, until the end. MOrgan smashed his nuts into the steel ring post, hit his two legged move on the outside and rolled up Morgan on the inside, so that was quite good.

The final four in the tournament are Hardy, Angle, Pope and Anderson and they'll fight at No Surrender?

This sucks. THe whole tournament thing sucks, FIRE ALL THE TNA WRITERS.

AJ Styles defeated Tommy Dreamer

This match was about as good as you can get from an old ass Tommy Dreamer. STyles put on an ok show, all things considered. There were nice reversals towards the end, and I liked that Dreamer was able to work through his injury. This match looked great towards the end, and then they ruined it.

THis match had TNA and EV2 fighting outside the ring, distracting the ref, and Styles wins after Abyss runs in and beats up Tommy Dreamer.


This sucked.

The show ended with a brawl.

WOW....this was just like WCW 2001...what a terrible night of wrestling, what a waste of time. If you missed it, good!

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