Tuesday, August 3, 2010

WWE Monday Night Raw 8/2/10 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 8/2/10 Results

Edge vs. Wade Barret
Tamina, Alicia Fox, and Jillian defeated Eve, Natalya, and Gail Kim
John Cena defeated Chris Jericho
Great Khali defeated Ted Dibiase
Randy Orton defeated The Miz

WWE Monday Night Raw 8/2/10 Review

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Edge started the show. He challenged Barret to a fight later tonight, then out came R Truth. Truth was trying to get Edge on his side, but it didn't look so good.

Edge vs. Wade Barret

Uh...nothing really happened in this match. Edge looked like he had this boring match won. But after hitting the Edge-ecution, Wade got to his senses and escaped the ring before he got hit with the spear. The rest of Nexus ran down and saved him, getting Edge to run away.

I guess the match ends in a no contest? What the heck? I hate this BS.

The Summerslam rewind was awesome! Mr. Perfect vs Bret Hart was such a classic. NO CURRENT MATCH is close to being as good! NONE!

Tamina, Alicia Fox, and Jillian defeated Eve, Natalya, and Gail Kim

I'm tired of the divas, aren't you? Why do they even try? I am so sick of women's wrestling in the WWE. There was some insane botches in this match, and Alicia Fox won...so boring, and so terrible. How can women wrestlers BOTCH so much?

Melina came down and roughed up Alicia Fox. I hate Melina.

Sheamus defeated Goldust

Sheamus made quick work of Goldust. Sure Goldust wasn't completely buried, but might as well. This match sucked, I wish Goldust would get a better shake, but alas.

Sheamus got on the mic...ugh...so sick of Sheamus.

John Cena defeated Chris Jericho

This match sucked. NO, not even Chris Jericho could make Cena have a good match. Jericho is great, if he is in a quality program, but this CENA thing is stupid. SUPER CENA rolled through this match after his normal spots and reversals. The crowd was all Cena in this one. Jericho tapped faster than fast, before Cena could even fully lock in his STF. Jericho quit basically. But oh well. This match sucked. I'm sick of Cena, Sick of Jericho phoning it in.

John Cena asked Jericho to reconsider his position and stay with team Cena, but Jericho walked away! YES! YES YES! JERICHO IS DONE AND OUT! GOOD FOR HIM!

The new cena movie sucks.

Great Khali defeated Ted Dibiase

This match sucked. Dibiase got buried here by Khali. They are trying to make Khali a huge part of the SS main event, and well...it was odd. I remember when he was just a glorified jobber.

Randy orton defeated The Miz

The Miz was fighting hard in this one, and for once, I was actually convinced that the dude doesn't suck. He's actually quite good, and he's moving forward quite well. Orton was not his dominant self, he was fighting to retain some sort of resemblance to the legend killer status. However, just when I thought Miz had this one in the bag, out came the RKO and MIZ was out cold.

Sheamus ran down to the ring but Orton was ready and this night of wrestling was over.

Another ok Raw, but most of it sucked.

I don't like the way they are going with it, but the main event was a quality match with a nice ending, albeit fast and with no major pay off.


  1. alot of people are saying cena needs to go heel. i have a problem with that, because (similiar to my opinion of how Edge CANNOT pull off being face) Cena just can't manage to be legitimately heel. I think he just needs something fresh added to his gimmick. i dont know what, but he's getting stale and he needs to add something new.

    i agree with you about jericho. i think he's great, but i often hate how he's booked.

    and in a completely unrelated note, Dolph Ziggler needs to get a new name if he ever hopes to be pushed to the main card. He needs to develop his gimmick too.

  2. Quick bit of good news I just now learned. I think this Jericho vs Cena feud might be going somewhere serious. At the very least, Jericho should be receiving a big push very soon because he has a DVD coming out in September. "Breaking The Code: Behind The Walls of Jericho"

    Just thought I'd fill you in if you hadn't heard.



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