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TNA Impact 8/26/10 Results and Review

TNA Impact 8/26/10 Results

Samoa Joe defeated Orlando Jordan
Kevin Nash defeated Double J
Beer Money defeated The FBI
The Motor City Machine Guns defeated The Young BUcks
Kurt Angle, The Pope, Jeff Hardy, and Anderson defeated Kaz, Aj Styles, Matt Morgan, and Douglas Williams

TNA Impact 8/26/10 Review

The show started with a recap of Fortune. I liked how they edit it all together, because it makes it far more important than it really is. They actually make it seem interesting, dare I say, worthwhile to watch?

Then things go to crap.

Dixie Carter is going to the ring!

Dixie in ring said that TNA has never been so successful...which is odd, because their ratings are at 1.0 which is what they were doing several years ago. She called out Ric Flair.

Ric Flair was ready to punch Dixie but out came Dixie's Real Life Husband? Yeah, apparently Dixie's Husband came out and Flair was going to whip him with his belt like they did with David Flair, but HOgan and his men came out...what a terrible segment.

Hogan came out and basically challenged FLair's guys with a group of psuedo Heels....and that was that..Fortune fought HOgan's idiots.

Samoa Joe defeated Orlando Jordan

Samoa JOe is back, and he's still fat. Joe sucks. Orlando Jordan went from being a major player in TNA, freaking out his opponents to getting squashed (no pun intended) by Samoa Joe. This match was stupid, and I'm tired of Orlando Jordan's character. This sucked. You didn't like it, you didn't care. FIRE JOE. Let him go serve tables at Applebees with Justin Credible.

Kevin Nash defeated Double J

Kevin Nash and Jarrett? Ugh...TNA basically screwed me over here. Both of these guys are far beyond their prime. I don't want to see either one of these guys wrestle. If you've seen 1 Kevin Nash match in TNA you've seen them all, and this was no different. A ref bump helped Sting interfere in this match and Nash wins. This match was worst than anything in WCW, there, I said it. STING SUCKS now, NASH IS OLD, JARRETT SUCKS TOO, this match was the dumbest thing I've seen in a long time in TNA or the old WCW.

Sting was beating up Jarrett when Hogan came in from behind and hit Sting with a chair. Yep....A Sting vs. Hogan feud? I'm sick of this stupid booking! How is this HELPING THE YOUNGER GUYS???

Beer Money defeated The FBI

I liked this match. I was surprised to see the FBI tonight against Beer Money. Despite the dominant BEER MONEY team, this match was further proof that if done right, the tag team division can be worthwhile. I liked the match, and thought that the FBI still had some fight in them. I think that with more teams, TNA has a winning combination, if they don't screw it up somehow.

Angelina Love and Velvet Sky were talking in ring? Ugh...they are going to be friends now? This is stupid...I hate this.....

The Motor City Machine Guns defeated The Young BUcks

Once again, the TNA tag division shows us that anything is possible. I thought this was the best tag team match I've seen in a long time. Seriously, this is the best tag team wrestling, even if it is all high spots. Sure, there's a lot of spots, and a lot of it has no in ring psychology, but still, it was fun to watch. If they can combine some psychology with all the spots, the TNA tag division might save the company. That's my two cents. Spot after spot, this match thrilled the fans, and after the smoked settled from so many high risk moves, the Motor City Machine Gun won this match.

Abyss fought EV2 backstage and into the arena. Abyss sucks.

Kurt Angle, The Pope, Jeff Hardy, and Anderson defeated Kaz, Aj Styles, Matt Morgan, and Douglas Williams

Jeff Hardy is getting fat. Angle is being hot shotted to the World Title. Anderson is stale. And fortune? Lame. This match was ok, I don't mind 8 man tags every now and again, unlike WWE which throws one at you at ever show, so it seems. This match showcased more tag team supremacy with Fortune working like a well oiled machine compared to the good guys, which struggled to get hot tags and maintain good action in this match up. This match ended with a lot of finishing moves, and bodies everywhere. Pope got a blind tag after an Angle Slam and pinned Kaz for the win.

The thing that was funny was that Angle was mad at the Pope. Why would he be mad? They were trying to win as a team, against Fortune, why would he be mad? They won? Is his EGO that big? Is he trying to be heel? This makes absolutely no sense.

Post match the rest of Fortune ran down and beat up the good guys. This was stupid. Is this WCW NITRO? Again? EV2 came running down too. This was a huge melee ending, and it was exactly why WCW started to fail. Sabu hit the worst spot I've seen in a long time, and threw Williams through a table, or rather jumped on him. The show ended with all the guys brawling....I hate TNA.

NOT a complete loss, but definitely a weak showing from the #2 pro-wrestling company, and it's even more unfortunate that the #2 company sucks so bad compared to WWE. Not to say that WWE is so good, because they have their problems too.

On a final note.

Condolences go out to the family of Luna Vachon. She passed away this week. Another wrestling death...she wasn't even 50 years old. sadly, her house and all her possessions burned down, and she was found dead at her mother's house. Sadly, all my childhood memories are dying....Luna, from what I hear was a friendly face and great person to talk to outside of the ring, and was NOT like her character. mad Dog must be sad too.

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