Saturday, August 21, 2010

Eric Bischoff Lies

On Thursday Night Eric Bischoff said he hadn't seen anything worst than the EV2 beat down...oh really?

Here's some examples that you guys can take to the bank!

NWO vs. Four Horseman War Games 1997

1 Year after Sting left WCW or rather decided to be "The Crow" and still get paid. The Four Horseman reunited to fight off the invasion of the NWO and they gave the Enforcer spot to Curt Hennig (although I remember him as Henning, but whatever). Well, he turned on the Horseman and this nasty shot was cleverly produced...and well...I know wrestling is "fake" but then again? This is worst than the EV2 beat down, take a look:

Goldberg vs. Scott Hall Ladder Match (part 3)

Ok, so maybe this isn't that bad, but come on...Hall gets electrified...literally...or figuratively...I dunno.

Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero & Billy Kidman vs. The Insane Clown Posse & Vampiro

Once again, Bischoff saw this...all I need to say is "INSANE CLOWN POSSE"!

Then there's this:

The Outsiders come in and it looks bad, looks like Eric himself takes a stiff shot to the gut, "YOU DON'T JACK US AROUND!"

These things are interesting, and I'm sure you guys can think of other things Bischoff has seen that are worst than that beat down. I know, the examples above are just not big...but the first one was. I was tired...give me a break.

I recall Vampiro being set on fire.
Hak vs Raven vs Bam Bam Bigelo
Hak vs Bigelow
Villano IV's neck being broken
Raven vs DDP on mtv live

So many other instances worst...but I guess no one remembers.

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