Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kaval Fired

WWE today announced that they have let go of NXT winner Kaval. That's right folks, Kaval is done. I'm not too surprised here, but it's sad to see such a solid worker get thrown out of the WWE.

I don't recall Kaval getting much of a fair shake outside of nearly getting the IC title at one point, but that's fine. Kaval will have shots at other companies, I'm sure, although he won't garner the paycheck that the mighty WWE could give him.

I'm sure another company would love to have him come in, including TNA, but alas, TNA needs a lot of work, to bring up their wrestling to the par it was a few years ago. Remember, TNA did have a 4 star classic for the X-Division title at one point.

Kaval will be missed on WWE tv by all two of you that liked him. I didn't think he was half bad, but apparently WWE doesn't or didn't want him, and according to twitter Kaval wanted out.

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