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WWE Monday Night Raw 12/20/10 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 12/20/10 Results

Melina defeated Alicia Fox and Eve
Daniel Bryan defeated William Regal
Santino & Tamina defeated Ted Dibiase & Maryse
John Cena defeated Dolph Ziggler
Jerry Lawler, Randy Orton, and John Morrison defeated The Miz, Alex Riley & Sheamus

WWE Monday Night Raw 12/20/10 Review

One night after WWE TLC 2010 we get Monday Night Raw, and The King said it best: We are here around Christmas and we start the show with The Grinch. Yep. The Miz was getting booed out of the building, and for anyone that saw the show last night, you know why The Miz is really hated right now.

The Miz got into the ring and started talking trash and what not. He kept rambling when the lights went out and Alex Riley came out as the "Ghost of Christmas Past"...I kid you not.

Michael Cole came out as another ghost...I kid you not. They were doing A Christmas Carol. I couldn't believe this. I liked the Muppet one though.

John Morrison came out and confronted the Miz. That's right, John Morrison came out and talkd to the Miz. He wasn't half bad, and the crowd was fully behind John Morrison. Alex Riley got into Morrison's face and got punched out for his action. Sheamus then ran down and beat up Morrison, and Riley got punched out by Jerry Lawler! Punk was in the booth, by the way.

I absolutely loved the psychology of Sheamus kicking Morrison in the knee, and was a nice touch to throwback to last night. I loved how The Miz, after last night's championship defense, had to wrestle tonight.

Melina defeated Alicia Fox and Eve

This match was atrocious. This match was seriously one of the worst matches I've seen in a long time. They can't wrestle, and it was painfully obvious throughout. This was sad, considering last night I was marking out huge for the divas table match. Alicia Fox nearly killed Melina with a powerbomb in the corner of the ring. Eve managed to get some offense in and nearly kicked Alicia Fox's head off. A standing moonsault was hit, which should've got the win for Eve. Eve dove off the top rope, while Melina rolled up Alicia Fox to get the win. The finish was well done, but the rest of the match was nothing to remember, that's for sure.

Post match, Melina slapped the heck out of Natalya and it looked like it hurt.

Daniel Bryan defeated William Regal

I was shocked to see a pur wrestling match on Raw. Daniel Bryan was facing off with William Regal and there was some nice counters and mat wrestling here. It wasn't your standard Daniel Bryan match as Regal had his number for a good portion of this match up. At one point during this bout, Regal and Bryan exchanged a series of European Uppercuts which was impressive to say the least. Neither man could get the upper hand but eventually Bryan hooked in his crossface lock and Regal tapped. This was one of the better matches I've seen on Raw, and defeats one of the better mat technicians still going today.

Santino & Tamina defeated Ted Dibiase & Maryse

Dibiase and Santino did most of this match up and it wasn't half bad. Dibiase was ahead of the game, but Santino was able to set up a few moves and eventually was going for the Cobra but stopped short of hitting Maryse. Tamina gave Maryse a superkick and then went to the top rope and you guessed it, she shit a nice throwback, Superfly Splash in tribute of Jimmy Superfly Snuka and won the match! A good entertaining match up with some nice moves, but mostly a throwaway affair. It was entertaining though, I liked it, for a change.

John Cena was completely over with a Texas crowd. THis was seriously the loudest Cena crowd that I've seen in a long time, and why not? I guess we'll have to just deal with it.

Vickie Guerrero, of all people came down to the ring. Vickie was getting completely booed out of the building whenever she tried to talk. The crowd was completely going nuts with the "you suck" chants, and it was amazing. The crowd was just so amazed at this. Vickie wanted Jerry Lawler to give her an apology from last week. Lawler and Cena exchanged jokes about Vickie Guerrero's weight and it was hilarious, although a bit cheesy.

The general manager chimed in, and I was marking out huge for the possibilities of a Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena title match. But there was not title on the line, but heck, I was marking out huge for this one. I guess I'm having a good day or something because up to this point I was marking out huge for Monday Night Raw.

John Cena defeated Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler started this match really hot, stomping out Cena with every other move. He was doing some great work in ring, but Cena was finding ways to stop the onslaught of offense. John Cena pushed forward and the crowd was 100% behind him. Cena hit a nice Fisherman's Suplex and I was watching a new livelier Cena here, alongside a smart Dolph Ziggler, who was ducking and diving the traditional Cena offense. The two went back and forth with some high flying offense, some nice rest spots, and overall an entertaining match up that led to Ziggler countering the Attitude Adjustment at one point, and Cena blocking the Sleeper Hold in another. Ziggler hit a nice sideslam, and this match was getting hotter than a lot of matches out of the Raw year. Ziggler's dropkick to the jaw of Cena toward the end of this match was picture perfect, and I once again am saying that given the right opportunity, Ziggler can move to the main event with ease. Cena was not a one trick pony here, he hit his moves, but also was wise enough to counter some moves, and the crowd ate it up. The STF was locked in and Ziggler tapped but Vickie provided the distraction, which allowed ZIggler to hit the Zig Zag on Cena and nearly pinned Cena for the 3 count! I was going nuts at this point, you were going nuts if you watched this match, and these two were putting on a show. Dolph Ziggler took the padding off the corner of the ring, and grabbed the Intercontinental Belt but was no match for the attitude adjustment, and Cena went completely nuts as Cena took out the champion, which was just a compelling match up. 3 Stars easily.

Post match, CM Punk left the broadcast booth and hit John Cena with a chair and walked away. That's right, Punk struck against Cena, and walkd away. Is CM Punk ready to compete? I don't know, but it was interesting to say the least.

Dolph Ziggler challenged John Cena to a rematch on Smackdown tomorrow and Vickie threw herself into the match. Yep.

Jerry Lawler, Randy Orton, and John Morrison defeated The Miz, Alex Riley & Sheamus

This match started fast and furious, and I enjoyed it. The Miz played up his scared persona, and Sheamus eventually got the green light to go into the match. Lawler was the weak link here, with the monster heels mopping up the king with relative ease. Lawler would get a comeback and eventually tag in Morrison to get the sides even up. Sheamus and Morrison really work well together, and Alex Riley was just getting punished. Sheamus focused on the knee of Morrison and The Miz eventually came in and fought the weakened #1 contender. Towards the end, Randy Orton got the tag and he started unleashing on The MIz. He hit his DDT, He was on a roll and it looked like this one was over, but it wasn't mean to be just yet. Morrison took care of Sheamus, Lawler was out, Miz managed to get the upper hand after Riley took an RKO. Lawler got the tag and unleashed on Miz, and Orton hit an RKO on MIZ which let JERRY LAWLER GET THE PIN ON THE MIZ! I MARKED OUT HUGE! Lawler pinned The Miz!!! I kid you not! The Miz was pinned and all was said and done!

They plugged WWE Smackdown, and added a match for Smackdown. The Miz would wrestle Randy Orton!

A great Raw overall. There were a lot of good matches here, and some quality wrestling. WWE really tried hard to make this night a good one. I loved it, you probably liked it, and it was a nice piece of wrestling for a change.

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