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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 12/17/10 Results and Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 12/17/10 Results

Kofi Kingston & Kaval defeated Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger
Cody Rhodes defeated Chris Masters
The Miz defeated Rey Mysterio
Santino & Kozlov defeated Tyler Reks & Chavo Guerrero
The Miz & Alberto Del Rio vs. Edge & Rey Mysterio (no contest)

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 12/17/10 Review

Edge started the show to a huge ovation. I absolutely love Edge's music and his entrance. I really like Edge when he's not involved in hokie story lines and looking like an idiot. Edge started talking on the mic, and it was boring, but his entrance and music was awesome. A video recap of the last 4 weeks was shown and how stupid it really was. I don't know anyone that liked it at all, and hopefully their feud ends at TLC.

Backstage, Teddy Long set up a four way TLC match at the ppv. Well, let's be honest, he set up a triple threat match if Kane didn't show up, but of course I heard a spoiler on some random podcast, and knew that the stipulation would be made after all. So, Teddy Long set up a four way TLC match...which sounds a lot better to me, than the standard one. I hope it is great.

Kofi Kingston & Kaval defeated Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger

It's funny to see Kofi Kingston in the opening match, considering that just a few months back he was in the main event picture with Randy Orton. Remember that? Neither does Kofi.

There's this guy that works at the Jewelry store in the mall where I live and he looks exactly like Jack Swagger. I like the new Jack Swagger shirt, by the way, but the guy at the mall is named Zack, so I've been calling him "Zack" Swagger. For all I know, Jack Swagger is actually working at the mall, when he's not jobbing out on Smackdown.

Kofi Kingston will face Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger in a Ladder Match for the intercontinental championship. I for one am glad to see that on paper. Too bad Kaval is wasted on this night.

The match was your standard tag match, with Kaval taking a lot of damage up front. Kofi and Kaval both used a lot of fast paced maneuvers to try and thwart the harder, slower pace of Swagger and Ziggler. Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise at the end of the match to pin Ziggler with relative ease, and this match helps get Kaval in the winners circle for once. I doubt Kingston will get the belt, but Swagger as Intercontinental Champion? I can see that. Kofi has some sick height on his jumps, I'm hoping he dives off the top of a ladder on Sunday, we'll have to wait and see. At this point though, I think I miss Shelton Benjamin.

Post match, Jack Swagger decked Dolph Ziggler.

The Miz is on Smackdown, with Alex Riley. The Miz is one of the most media champion we've had in a very long time, and that's one of the coolest things about the Miz's title reign. No other champion has had the media blitz that The Miz has gotten, and he truly deserves it, since he worked amazingly hard to get to that spot. No one can take that away from him.

JTG got a full new promo! Str8 outta Brooklyn with JTG! He's acting the fool, which is funny and could actually work. He can talk, and getting him on the midcard could be positive.

Drew McIntyre was hitting on some random diva...oh man, cheating on Tiffany already? Oh that's Kelly Kelly! I heard she's a ring rat, and it's confirmed by a lot of wrestlers in shoot interviews.

Cody Rhodes defeated Chris Masters

I recall Chris Masters being a knockoff of Lex Luger's old gimmick, but lately, he's nothing more than a glorified jobber and this match proved once again that he's nothing more than that. This fast match really was one sided, with Cody Rhodes eventually hitting Cross Rhodes to get the victory. I like his finisher, I just wish he had a more prominent feud or title chase or something. Chris Masters can go to TNA and help Rob Terry or something.

The Miz defeated Rey Mysterio

I want to point out that no other WWE Champion in recent months has done as much as champion as the Miz. Randy Orton, Sheamus, and even Triple H were NEVEr on smackdown in the same capacity that Miz has been in his short weeks as champion. Rey Mysterio also was booked as a weak champion, and this is further proof that some of the "higher" champions don't wrestle on the "B" show, but Miz will do anything, and that's a great testament for him.

The Miz showed in this match that he's not just a random champion, he put on a great deal of offense. He countered some of Mysterio's moves, he fought hard and Mysterio was not quick enough to put the miz over, and beat him. THe Miz actually put on a great show and I loved it. Mysterio went for his splash but Miz put up his knees and Mysterio lost this one. This was definitely a high contender for match of the week.

Post match, Edge ran down after Alberto Del Rio beat up Rey, and The Miz started fighting Edge, and this prompted a match to be made with the four of them wrestling in a tag match. Miz is doing double duty tonight, which is another testament to how hard working he is for a new champion.

Layla and Michelle McCool came out and protested their tables match on the ppv, which was funny to hear. They got real heat, but I'm sure they'll go straight through tables this weekend, or so I hope. Beth Phoenix and Natlya came out with a painted Table, and they set it up in the middle of the ring, which was actually really cool to see. THe table was pink and completely altered. Phoenix and Natalya nearly put Layla through the table, but McCool saved her. This weekend will definitely be interesting to see.

Santino & Kozlov defeated Tyler Reks & Chavo Guerrero

This week, Chavo Guerrero got a much better partner to face the tag team champions. Have I mentioned already that I love the new Santino shirt? If I had money, I'd buy it, but I'm broke still. This match started relatively slow with Tyler Reks facing Kozlov. Guerrero got a tag in and eventually the match picked up pace with the cruiserweight in the ring. Santino got the tag and showed that he knew more wrestling than just his comedy pieces, and that was nice to see, although he's far from being a credible champion. I'm surprised that Chavo can't get over, no matter what WWE does. He should go back to his "White" gimmick. Kozlov was impressive in this match, and that's probably because he was facing opponents that complimented his style. Santino hit the Cobra and the crowd went nuts, and the tag team champions roll through yet another tag team of random opponents. Hey, it wasn't a classic, but it will have to do, I liked it enough.

Edge & Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio & The Miz

Not a terrible match, it had a lot of action. The Miz and Edge could probably put together a great deal of momentum in a feud. Edge managed to get the best of Miz here, especially by countering the Skull Crushing Finale with the Impaler DDT. Mysterio hit the 619 on Miz, and Edge hit the spear, but Kane hit the ring, and this match was another none finish.

There's nothing worse in wrestling than a stupid non finish to what's supposed to be a good match. This match was decent and managed to have a good deal of action, fast pacing, and interesting match ups. Kane beat up Edge, but out ran the Smackdown locker room to stop it?! I don't know why they would care. Meanwhile on the outside, it looked like Husky Harris and Rey Mysterio were fighting. The locker room split the two men, to try and get some sort of "order" but once again, I don't understand the logic behind them trying to keep the two apart.

That was Smackdown. Not exactly a great night in wrestling, but the show seemed to fly by, and I liked it enough, despite the mediocre points.

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