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WWE Smackdown 12/21/10 Results and Review

WWE Smackdown 12/21/10 Results

Randy Orton defeated The Miz via DQ
Santino defeated Chavo Guerrero
Drew McIntyre defeated Kaval
Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston defeated Alberto Del Rio & Jack Swagger
John Cena defeated Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Guerrero

WWE Smackdown 12/21/10 Review

A special Tuesday night smackdown would be the start of something good, until I heard the worst Greenday track ever recorded. I hate the post "Warning" greenday sound, they went soft and sold out. I liked when they were they are? I don't know, pop.

Randy Orton defeated The Miz via DQ

The first match was The Miz facing off against Randy Orton in rematch from the ppv, although this was not a tables match. The Miz was running from Orton, and Orton was hitting Miz with heavy shots, and this thing looked like a burial job, if it weren't for The Miz constantly running out of the ring, scared.

Once Orton made a slight judgment error, The Miz started to mount a nice comeback with some rights and lefts, a suplex, some counters to Orton's signature turns, but Orton kept at it, and would eventually get the upper hand yet again. I'm not a big Orton fan, but he works really well with the Miz, and the two have a good timing, that really gets the crowd involved in their matches. I liked the pace the of this one. Alex Riley would help Miz regain the upper hand again, and this made Orton look all the more vulnerable, and Miz smarter for having Alex Riley helping him out.

Stryker stated that Orton was favoring his shoulder and neck, and the two other commentators disagreed, and after the men argued, Orton did exactly what Stryker said, he took a back drop and he favored his neck and looked injured. He would come back though, and hit a nice series of movies then his inside out DDT and was ready to deliver the RKO but Alex Riley interfered, only stopping the Viper the RKO was hit, giving Randy Orton the win via Disqualification after Riley ran in yet again! Yep. Riley saves the Miz.

Post match Randy Orton was all set to hit the punt but instead delivered a HUGE RKO to Alex Riley as Miz crawled his way out of the ring. Orton looked strong for once, and I like him 100 times better in this role than I did as the champion. This match was a quality encounter, even if there was a DQ finish, and I can only say that Miz has shocked me yet again, he's not a one trick pony, he has a lot of gusto and he proved it once again with a great match up here.

The Big Show once again was giving out cool stuff backstage as Santa Claus. Hornswoggle was also ther to give out presents. Eve joined them, and it looked interesting enough, but I knew what was coming. Dashing Cody Rhodes ran down and messed up the ring, beat up Hornswoggle, and made The Big Show very upset.

Edge cut a promo, and then Kane came out...I don't remember much of this encounter cause I was getting some more coffee.

Drew McIntyre defeated Kaval

Kaval was completely squashed here. Drew kicked him in the face which looked really sick, then hit the Future Shock DDT and this thing was over. Drew wins, Kaval gets buried, he needs to go back to TNA.

Santino defeated Chavo Guerrero

Despite Chavo's continual play up of his "Latino" heat gimmick, or rather the late Great Eddie Guerrero's gimmick, he just can't manage to get away from jobber status. Santino got a beating throughout this match but was able to deliver The Cobra to pin Chavo yet again. Chavo needs to just quit and join TNA or something, he hasn't been over in such a long time.

Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston defeated Alberto Del Rio & Jack Swagger

This match was a good fast paced match with lots of room to breathe. I'm surprised Del Rio was in this match as much as he was, while Swagger took most of the bumps here. Kofi and Rey are a good fast paced team and never let up on the offense. They hit all your crowd pleasing spots, and then with the 619 and Trouble In Paradise knocking out the bad guys, Kofi and Rey won. The two did a nice double High Cross body off the top rope, and boy, the 12 year old inside of me was going completely nuts for this match. This match was nothing more than a crowd pleaser, and a quality match up after the squash match before it.

John Cena defeated Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Guerrero

John Cena started this match up fast and I liked it. John was completely in control and Ziggler was bumping great like he was on Raw. Eventually Ziggler was able to capitalize on a Cena quick overlook and would work him over, and at one point Vickie Guerrero got in and got a couple of shots in against Cena. This once again is a testament to how good Ziggler is in ring, as he is one of the most competant workers that the WWE has. I can see Ziggler getting a world title run or at least getting over enough to get title shots because he was looking great against a much more experienced John Cena.

One of the best points of the match was a nice reversal on an Irish Whip from Ziggler in which he sent Cena into the ropes and Cena went for the shoulder block only to miss by a split second when Ziggler dropped and let Cena roll through the ropes onto the floor. It was such a well timed spot that I was marking out alongside the San Antonio crowd. I was going nuts, becuase this match, once again, was one of the best matches I've seen all year, and that's saying a lot.

Vickie Guerrero tagged in towards the end of the match and completely fell on her face as she tried to deliver a splash on Cena. Ziggler would eventually get back in and started to lose his cool as Cena was hitting his five moves of doom, and despite my hatred for him all year, I was marking out huge for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle! Ziggler countered the Attitude Adjustment and hit the Leg Drop (I forget what it's called) but wasn't able to win the match. Cena hit the STF and Vickie came in to argue with Cena and break up the submission attempt. CENA then kissed Vickie Guerrero and then hit the Attitude Adjustment on Ziggler and pinned the Intercontinental Champion two nights in a row!

This match was incredible fun and the kiss on Cena was awesome to see. Better yet was the attempt at an Attitude Adjustment on Vickie Guerrero! He was stopped by none other than CM PUNK! That's right CM PUNK jumped in with a chair and full wrestling gear and knocked out John Cena with a CHAIR!

A CM PUNK JOHN CENA FEUD?!?!?! I'm all in folks, I'm all freakin in if this is how they are going to build to that feud. Oh man, I love it. Smackdown, for once, was a great show, no filler all killer, I liked it a lot, and you should've liked it too. What a great couple of nights of wrestling.

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