Friday, December 24, 2010

The Week In Wrestling Christmas 2010 Edition

This week in wrestling a lot went down. Most of which I've already forgotten, but there are a few stand out points you might want to recall from this week's wrestling offerings.

First and foremost, I DO NOT watch ROH on a regular basis. I want to. However, when you utilize the library as your main internet source, you can't really watch ROH and review them. Plus, I'm already reviewing a ton of shows so I guess ROH and other federations will have to wait until I get a job and get cable again, which doesn't seem likely any time soon.

Best Match of the Week

Sheamus vs John Morrison Ladder Match

This match was by far the best match I've seen in a long time. These two put on one heck of a ladder match in both impact and psychology. Sheamus worked the leg of Morrison, hoping to ground his high flying attack and Morrison by sheer will hit Sheamus with anything and everything that might slow down the beast. Sheamus took some sick bumps and Morrison dove through the air in such a spectacular way. I call it match of the year, but others will disagree. It really was special, and the best match of this week.

Best Show of the Week

Without a doubt WWE Raw was the best show of this week. Smackdown this week was also good, and the extended tribute to the troops wasn't half bad, but Raw hit a gear that was all too good. I loved Cena, I liked how there was NO Nexus, and things just ran well. Ziggler has main event written all over him, Cena is enjoying his role, which makes me enjoy his work in ring and on the mic. Raw was definitely a hot show and the crowd made it so much more memorable.

Worst Moment of the Week

TNA IMPACT ends without finishing the main event. I hate how the main event is cut off of Impact. I don't want to watch reaction and don't want to bleed into another show to watch what should be the main event of IMPACT. Tna keeps making terrible moves, and I for some odd reason keep watching. I'm not blaming Bischoff or Hogan, but there is something wrong over at TNA and it shouldn't take some random blogger to point that out.

That's it for this week, I hope you guys enjoy your Christmas!

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