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WWE Monday Night Raw 12/6/10 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 12/6/10 Results

Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella defeated Ted Dibiase Jr & Maryse
Tyson Kidd defeated DH Smith
Santino & Kozlov defeated The Nexus in a Four Corners Match for the Tag Team Championship
Natalya defeated Melina
Randy Orton defeated Alex Riley via dq

WWE Monday Night Raw 12/6/10 Review

The night started with a recap of last week's Raw, featuring the Miz's first title defense, and how he nearly lost. Literally, Jerry Lawler was robbed of the WWE championship last week, thanks to Michael Cole!

I still say that last week's world title main event, was the match of the year candidate, just because of how emotional I got during the match and how memorable it is going to be for me to see Lawler not only nearly win the match but also beat the snot out of Michael Cole. I hate Michael Cole, and I hope he gets fired. He's worse than Mike Tenay ever was. I'd rather hear Tony Shiavone and Dusty Rhodes.

Raw's announcers were only CM Punk and Jerr Lawler, NO MICHAEL COLE.

Michael Cole walked out to issue an apology. Cole's getting fat, by the way.

As cole was in ring mouthing off, the general manager forced The King to go into the ring and apologize, and he did. But as the two shook hands, The King held onto Cole, and said that someone from the back wanted to come say high to Cole...it was none other than, RANDY ORTON.

The Miz came out to talk crap and set up a rematch with Orton at TLC. But the big highlight here was Michael Cole, he got the biggest RKO of his life! COLE is dead! I LOVED IT! FU COLE! FU!

Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella defeated Ted Dibiase Jr & Maryse

Not a great match, but for what it was, it had a great deal of good moments. Daniel Bryan and Ted work well in a limited capacity and this match was a good opener, at least for me. No amazing moves here, no incredible wrestling, but a good deal of fighting and limited diva action.

David Otunga did an interview in place of Wade Barrett.

In a hotel room, John Cena beat up Husky Harris.

Tyson Kidd came out with a new bodyguard. A very young looking Matt Morgan or Kevin Nash type. This guy was a complete meathead, looking a lot like the characters in Final Fight.

Tyson Kidd defeated DH Smith

This match was not that great but it did feature a nice super plex from the top rope. This quick match ended with a Tyson Kidd roll up.

Post match the enforcer body guard beat up DH Smith.

Santino & Kozlov defeated The Nexus in a Four Corners Match for the Tag Team Championship

This match was elimination style and it was actually given quite some time. Santino showed a lot more wrestling this time, and Kozlov had a great deal of influence as he fought off the Nexus attack. As teams were eliminated, the match moved forward and eventually got a HUGE distraction from John Cena. Cena jumped the rail, and the Cobra hit, giving Santino and Kozlov the world tag team championship belts! That's right, Santino and Kozlov are the new champions.

Sheamus came out to do his royal introduction and ceremony with the crown and the throne in the ring. He cut a promo, but out came John Morrison and beat him up and threw him out of the ring. The two will probably continue to Feud, but what everyone is talking about online is, where is HHH?

Natalya defeated Melina

A boring match, with a little bit of wrestling. Not a whole lot. Laycool was on color commentary. Natalya wins with a Sharpshooter.

Post match, Laycool beat up Natalya.

Randy Orton defeated Alex Riley via dq

I'm assuming that was the ending, as this match wasn't that long. The Miz was in the corner of Alex Riley, but when Orton looked like he was going to win, Miz ran in and hit the Skull Crushing Finale.

The Miz then said he'd show Orton what kind of match they would have. Miz brought out a Table, so apparently they'll have a table's match at the ppv. Nothing happened though, as Orotn woke up. Alex Riley was then power bombed through a table by Orton.

Wade Barrett and Cena had words...I didn't care.

Wade Barrett asked Nexus to come down and help him fight John Cena...and they walked away! That's right, they walkd away! Nexus gave up on Wade Barrett! THERE IS A NEW LEADER IN NEXUS! Wade is out, and the last man to leave was David Otunga...and yep, the NEXUS left Wade Barrett for dead and John Cena beat the hell out of him.

That was the end of Raw. John Cena, the supposedly fired superstar, beat up Wade Barrett and Nexus walked out of the match up. This was a watchable raw, but there was no memorable match. I liked it, don't get me wrong, but come on, no memorable wrestling on a wrestling show? Oh well. I liked where it is going.

The show ended with Wade Barrett and David Otunga yelling at him.

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