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WWE TLC 2010 PPV Results and Review

WWE TLC 2010 PPV Results

Dolph Ziggler defeated Kofi Kingston and Jack Swagger in a triple threat Ladder Match
Beth Phoenix & Layla defeated Laycool in a Tag Team Tables Match
Santino & Kozlov defeated Nexus (Justin gabriel & Heath Slater) via DQ
John Morrison defeated Sheamus in a Ladder Match
The Miz defeated Randy Orton in a wwe title tables match
Edge defeated Kane and Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio in a fatal four way tlc match
John Cena defeated Wade Barrett in a chairs match

WWE TLC 2010 PPV Review

Alright, the last WWE PPV of 2010, and anything could happen, so I was excited to see how the matches were going to go, and here is my review plus other random commentary by me.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Kofi Kingston and Jack Swagger in a triple threat Ladder Match

The match started hot, with a lot of focus being placed on Dolph Ziggler and once he was nuetralized, Swagger and Kofi fought each other but Ziggler came back into the ring and really put the boots to Kofi. At one point Swagger looked to hurt his right wrist, but it seemed to be ok. Ziggler and Kofi both were taking some sick bumps, and I'm surprised Ziggler wasn't busted open immediately because he took a shot to the face that just looked incredible. Kofi jumped through a ladder at one point, yes, through a ladder for a nice missile drop kick.

Vickie Guerrero got into the ring as all three men were knocked out, and I was marking out huge. Vickie was even getting a huge ovation for what she was doing, and I was aimpressed. Vickie was climbing to the top of the ladder and Kofi Kingston climbed up and signaled a heel turn but nope....VIckie was being tipped over and it looked like she was going to go over the top rope! The crowd went nuts for this, but Swagger came in and Ziggler came in and she wen away running! I was completely impressed with how many bumps the competitors were taking, at one point Swagger threw the ladder at Ziggler full force into his face, it looked sick. Even Kofi was bumping like crazy, and it was just impressive. I thought someone was going to legit get hurt, it was that bad, like a car crash, all three guys completely killed each other for the opening bout, it was about time, if you ask me.

Ziggler nearly got the belt, as Swagger and Kofi fought with an Ankle Lock hooked, but after Swagger was eliminated for a moment, Kofi and Ziggler fought each other at the top of the ladder and oh man, a sleeper hold was placed on Kofi and it looked like Kingston was done, but he managed to fight out of it, and of course the crowd was going nuts again. As Kofi nearly had the belt. Ziggler flew off the top, Kingston had this thing won, Swagger jumped in and climbed the ladder and Kofi and swagger were each one grabbing the belt and it fell!

ZIGGLER jumped at the belt and grabbed it and won! One of the better triple threat ladder matches I've seen and once again Ziggler retains! One of the best Intercontinental Champions in a long time, Ziggler managed to get this one, and took a serious beating. Seriously, he took a lot of damage and was able to win this one, amazing.

Beth Phoenix & Layla defeated Laycool in a Tag Team Tables Match

The divas were up next, and the two teams put on a decent match. The cameras kept cutting away when the women were close to the tables and were using them as a weapon, which was stupid. I guess the pg thing was tough to work around with so much violence. The tables weren't even a big deal for the most part, as Laycool was actually utilizing a lot of tag team moves to fight off their opponents. For once, I was actually impressed with Laycool. Beth Phoenix and natalya isolated Michelle McCool at one point and the two were about to throw her through a table, but were thwarted. Natalya and Phoenix took some sick bumps too, this is the first divas match that I actually cringed at some points as this was a legit contest of wrestling, which is amazing from the WWE women.

At one point, Michelle McCool kicked Phoenix straight into the face and she looked out cold, it was sick. Natalya eventually got both members of Laycool into a vulnerable position and locked in a double sharpshooter!!!! I KID YOU NOT! I was marking out huge for this. BOth women in a the sharpshooter tapping out like drunk women, it was amazing, I was marking out huge for the divas, for ones marking out huge. Beth Phoenix and Natalya eventually got locked into a numbers game as Laycool kept focusing on one woman, and got the upper hand, but it was Natalya that threw laycool on a table, and she got to the top rope and leaped onto both women in a nice splash and won this match! LAYCOOL went through a table, and you know what, this was DIVAS MATCH of the YEAR, DIVAS MATCH OF THE YEAR! For once, I was impressed with the divas, wow, what a match.

Santino & Kozlov defeated Nexus (Justin gabriel & Heath Slater) via DQ

Nexus lost this one, even though they had this thing going their way for a good part of the match. McGullicutty interfered and caused the dq finish, but this match wasn't half bad. I like Kozlov and Santino as a comedy act, and they are way over with the live crowd.

Post match, Nexus beat the living crap out of the tag team champions, and that was that.

John Morrison defeated Sheamus in a Ladder Match

This match started off slow, but Morrison picked up the pace with his high flying offense. He even at one point did a corkscrew over the top of a ladder off the third rope onto Sheamus, it was insane. I kid you not, that thing looked amazing, and Morrison is proof that you don't need to talk well to wrestle well. Sheamus managed to add some major offense against Morrison and focused on the knee of Morrison. The ladder came into play and once again, I was impressed at how much these two bumped. The psychology of this in ring match was great, Sheamus focusing on Morrison's leg was really good and something that the WWE hasn't been utilizing in matches in a long time.

A drop toe hold landed Sheamus's face into the ladder, and i was hoping and wishing that the WWE would allow blood. A bloody Sheamus would've been amazing here as he took a stiff shot to the face with the Ladd. Morrison nearly knocked him out with a nice kick, but it was short lived, because Sheamus hit the Irish Curse Back Breaker and things weren't looking for Morrison. Morrison threw a ladder at Sheamus's head and I was completely marking out huge, because this thing looked brutal.

Morrison fell on his knee towards the end of this match, and Sheamus and him fought on top of the ladder to get the contract, but the two were just fighting and fighting, and Sheamus kept hanging in there, even though Morrison seemed to be the weaker man in this match. The two guys were completely impressive here, and no matter how close each other got, the other had an answer, which was awesome. This was a great great Ladder Match, far better than the 1998 ladder match between The Rock and Triple H.

Morrison took some nasty spills towards the end of the match. It didn't look like he could pull himself together to win here, and Sheamus couldn't stop the guy from continually comingback for more punishment.

Sheamus was thrown off the top of a ladder with John Morrison through a STEEL LADDER! Morrison jumped off too, but holy crap, holy crap, Sheamus was completely broken in half here, and Morrison was barely walking. Holy crap, Sheamus completely got blown out with a nice kick to the face as the ladder was teetering and Morrison won, holy crap, holy crap. Match of the year here, holy crap holy crap, Morrison and Sheamus put on a 4 star classic folks, holy crap, holy crap.

The Miz defeated Randy Orton in a wwe title tables match

Randy Orton started this match hard, and he was fighting forward fast, with no major offense from Miz or Riley. Randy Orton was completely dominant in the first part of this match up, and was first to set up a table, but that was his undoing, at least the first part. Miz dropkicked a table into Orton and the pendulum swung in the other direction. The Miz was actually looking strong against orton in the mid-point of this match, which was interesting.

In what was one of the smartest moves I've seen in wrestling, a ref bump happened, and that let Alex Riley to come in and get powerbombed through a table! Miz then hit the Skull Crushing Finale on Orton and dragged him to where Riley went through the table, woke up the ref and BOOOM won the match! Right out of the page of Eddie Guerrero, what a great short cut, oh man, Miz wins, and boy oh boy what a finish, I loved it.

But the ref restarted the match!!!!

Orton restarted the match like a house on fire, and beat up Miz, but Miz threw Riley through the middle of the ropes while Orton was on the apron and BOOOM, Orton falls through a table! HOLY CRAP! GREATER FINISH! THE MIZ RETAINS and the kids are saddened! Wow! WoW! what a finish, I loved it, I absolutely loved it, wow.

Edge defeated Kane and Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio in a fatal four way tlc match

This match started much like other matches, fast and with great impact. Towards the middle of the match it was Del rio and Mysterio that took center stage, and it was painfully obvious that Del Rio was scared of bumping with the ladder. At one point it even looked like he was injured at one point with the ladder. Meanwhile, Mysterio, Edge and Kane had no problems taking some serious bumps into and onto the ladder. Edge and Mysterio provided a lot of the fast paced wrestling, and it was interesting to see them work a legit match instead of random opponents.

Kane still sucks, and he was the worst point of this match for me. I didn't like it, but Del Rio's timid nature was a close second. Del Rio eventually got used to getting hit with the ladders and took some nice bumps, but it took him a good part of this match to get his bearings. Kane was teamed up on at one point, and then Del Rio got his. Edge nearly killed himself at one point diving off the top of a ladder through Kane through a table and hitting the outside barrier head first! Edge gave it all, wow.

The four men eventually left the ringside area and were fighting on the ramp. Mysterio got onto a table on the stage and launched off of one and into was an awkward leap. Mysterio then ran into the ring and I thought he was going to get the belt, but nope. Edge blocked a 619 with a steel chair! Smart move! I thought Edge was going to win at the mid-point of this match. Rey Mysterio and Edge flew off the tallest ladder and onto the floor which nearly killed em, I couldn't believe it. At this point, Ricardo Rodriguez started climbing the ladder! Yep, he climbed the ladder and was nearly at the belt when Kane showed up! Yep! Kane showed up and well, chokeslammed him straight to Hell! Then Del Rio was chokeslammed straight to hell! Then Edge, yep, chokeslammed straight to hell through a table! Rey was able to hit a 619 on Kane, then threw a chair at him, and once again Rey Mysterio was left alone with the ladders and maybe he could win the championship! I was marking out huge as a big Rey Mysterio fan, and he was alone and had energy! HOLY CRAP I was marking out huge as his hand hit the belt, but Del Rio managed to fight him.

Del Rio was on top of the tallest ladder and he went threw a table on the outside, and it looked like he got the wind knocked out of him and it was brutal. It looked sick, he fell what seemed like forever through a table. Mysterio got caught in mid air and boom, Tombstone piledriver, and Kane was the only one left with any strength at this point, and his head was bleeding. Everything looked easy towards the end for Kane and I didn't want him to win. He seemed to be poised to retain, and was nearly to the top of the ladder when Edge ran in with a chair and stopped his forward momentum. Kane was speared off the apron through a table and there was only one man left....EDGE.

Edge climbed the ladder and pulled the title down, to wint the World Heavyweight Championship, and the crowd went nuts, and so did I. I went nuts for Edge, he really gave it all. Props to Del Rio for falling a million feet through a solo table, it lookd bad, it looked bad.

Dashing Cody Rhodes came out and talked randomly in ring and out came The Big Show dressed as Santa. He was giving out copies of Knucklehead. Big Show ended up beating up Dashing Cody Rhodes, and leaving him in ring completely torn apart except for his underwear. The crowd loved it, I didn't hate it. Big Show is hilarious.

John Cena defeated Wade Barrett in a chairs match

Cm Punk joined the announce team here. This match was in fact the main event, and no titles were on the line. John Cena and Barrett wrestled to a stale mate for the early goings of this match. Cena hit a nice DDT on Wade Barrett and this match was swinging fully into John Cena's favor. The crowd was completely in love with Cena and it was completely audible, and if I were 8 years old, I'd be the biggest John Cena fan.

Barrett was first to attack with the chair, and it was ok, but without chairshots to the head, I don't really care about the stipulation. The two battled their way to the top of the ramp and were brawling, and eventually they got some chairs and came back in the ring. Cena hit a sick leg drop with a chair under it, kind of like the Sabu special, and Barrett looked like he was going to win this one easily.

John Cena set up 6 chairs and lifted Barrett on his shoulders then gave him the Attitude Adjustment through 6 chairs! I kid you not, the bump looked nice, and Wade Barrett was essentially put to rest, he was done folks, Cena wins yet again. Super John Cena, and I didn't hate it nearly as much. Cena wins. Now who does he have left to fight? No one.

Post match, Wade Barrett was crawling out of the ring, literally, crawling up the ramp, and out ran John Cena and hit Barrett with another chair shot, much to the dismay of Cm Punk. Cena than put some sort of wooden thing on top of barrett and then pulled a wall of chairs from the rafters crashing down onto Barrett! Yep. TLC ends with Super John Cena smiling, waving, saluting, drinking water, and kissing babies. He wins. Wow.

A quality, PPV, great one.

You can purchase WWE TLC 2009 PPV on DVD for now, and wait for this one to come out on dvd. Wow...what an event. I loved it, for once.

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