Friday, May 8, 2009

Tna Impact Results 5/6/09

Hey guys,

I'm behind, really behind. As a result this week's Smackdown and TNA results are not going to get full reviews.

Last Night I was at a show seeing Strung Out & Death by Stereo play in Seattle and couldn't get up this morning to watch the TNA tapings.

So I just figure I'd give it all to you right now Here are 2 weeks of results. Next week I won't be doing a tna or smackdown review as I will be out of town.

Yeah, I know, It's lame, but bare with me.

* TNA champion Mick Foley had his "first title defense", which was a comedy bit where he beat up a cardboard cutout of Rocky Balboa
, beating it with the People's Elbow. This led to Jeff Jarrett, Sting and Kurt Angle all getting involved, so they are the three Sacrifice challengers.

* Kurt Angle defeated Matt Morgan in what was described to me as "shockingly good."

* TNA X-Division champ Suicide defeated Consequences Creed.

* The Main Event Mafia defeated TNA champ Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and Daniels when Sting pinned Foley.

* Sting announced that if he is pinned at Sacrifice, he will retire from wrestling.

* Homicide defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir.

* Matt Morgan destroyed the Main Event Mafia security.

* Lethal Consequences accuse Daniels of being Suicide. Daniels gets angry. The Motor City Machineguns get involved.

* Daniels pinned Chris Sabin.

* Awesome Kong beat Velvet Sky in a Stretcher match.

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  1. I am recommending that when you have a chance, you check out the Morrison/Jericho match from Superstars last night:

    I went in without spoilers a few minutes ago, and I was thoroughly entertained.

  2. Hey mc, thanks. I posted the match and what not. Good stuff indeed.



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