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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 5/1/09 Results and Review Edge Returns

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 5/1/09 Results

John Morrison defeated Shelton Benjamin
Jeff Hardy defeated Rey Mysterio Jr , Kane, and Chris Jericho in a 4 way elimination match
MVP defeated Dolph Ziggler
Cm Punk defeated Edge in a non title match

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 5/1/09 Review

We start the show like we start most wrestling shows, with someone coming out on the mic. Chris Jericho jumped in and talked but out came the Rated R superstar Edge! Edge got on the mic and told Jericho to shut up, and got into his face. The two were arguing when CM Punk interrupted them! OH HECK YEAH! I marked out huge, I like Punk right now, I hope he gets the title again, and I’m glad to see him getting the spotlight.

Punk is a smaller guy, he’s obviously not the traditional, and he’s getting a push. So anyone out there complaining about the WWE needs to shut their mouth and stop writing complaints.

Jericho walked out, and said he was done and he left, like a wuss toa tremendous amount of heat! Punk and Edge were left in the ring to talk. Tonight Punk faces Edge in a non title match and he plans on cashing it in, Edge leaves scared. A good opening to Smackdown.

John Morrison defeated Shelton Benjamin

Shelton Benjamin and John Morrison started their match fast and furious, yeah I said it; the two were evenly matched and were trading blow for blow until Benjamin hit a straight kick to the face of Morrison, and you could hear the impact! The Moonlight Drive was looming through the whole match, and after a few subtle mistakes from Benjamin it was hit forcing Benjamin to lose yet again. The Gold Standard is far from his title reign days, as Morrison wins another singles match without the Miz

Jeff Hardy defeated Rey Mysterio Jr , Kane, and Chris Jericho in a 4 way elimination match

I thought for sure that Chris Jericho would’ve won this match considering the opening segment. I thought this early, and so if the end of this paragraph confirms that, I want to express the fact that I didn’t read the spoilers, I never read spoilers unless I’m out of town. The crowd was firmly behind Hardy, as they were chanting Hardy throughout the onset of this match in such a vocal manner that it came across on television. The four were putting on a great match, with a few near falls in the mid match. The Walls of Jericho had Hardy nearly tapping, Kane then got into the Walls of Jericho. Then Rey was ready to hit the 619, but Jericho stopped it, a Whisper in the Wind took down Kane, and a Swanton Bomb created the first elimination…so I thought, but in came Jericho to eliminate Kane!

Chris Jericho Eliminated Kane.

Jericho eliminated himself after throwing a steel chair at Rey Mysterio as he leaped off the top rope! This was great piece of wrestling, if you missed it, you really missed it; Jericho’s elimination brought this match to an incredible conclusion.

Jericho was disqualified and eliminated.

Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio were left as the final two in this match, and that was an exciting thing. I was marking out huge for this match up, as I don’t recall these two wrestling in the past, at least not off the top of my head. The two exchanged several back and forth near falls, and eventually Jeff Hardy managed to get the 1-2-3 and pinned Rey Mysterio. This match was amazing towards the end, Neither one could get the upper hand right away, but it was Jeff with a roll up, locking the shoulders for the win. Jeff hardy is now the #1 contender at Judgment Day.

At this point there was a dance contest with Layla and Eve Torres and Cryme Tyme. It was battle style and I didn’t really care about it at all. Seriously, it was boring to me. It reminded me of the Nitro Girls, they were employed for no apparent reason. This was unnecessary to me.

MVP defeated Dolph Ziggler

MVP put his U.S title belt on the line here. Sherri Shepherd came out with him. This match was entertaining, nothing more nothing less. The match moved in a steady pace and it never really looked like MVP was in trouble at all. He mowed right through Dolph Ziggler and eventually scored the pinfall victory. I thought the match was average but boy was it entertaining. That’s all that matters at this point, entertainment, and it did that. Dolph is a good villain, much like Renee Dupree was a good villain for Cena when he had the U.S title. I hope MVP keeps it up, I’d like to see him move towards the main event like he did on Raw last week.

John Morrison and Chris Jericho started a fight backstage! That was amazing! FINALLY they are starting feuds like the old days! I marked out huge for that! I was like a little kid again! YES more FIGHTS backstage, that’s how you build hot feuds.

Case in point, Remember Triple H and Marc Mero? It started with Triple H yelling at Rena Mero backstage and it turned into a good feud! That was at Wrestlemania 12 for those of you that aren’t informed.

Cm Punk defeated Edge in a non title match

I wasn’t sure which way this match was going to go, but I was glad to see that C.M Punk was in the main event! Edge was taking advantage of his veteran status as he knew what to do to ground Punk. Punk has to really battle for very solid hit he nailed on Edge, and every time he had a little momentum, out came Edge with a counter. Edge started to lose a grip on things, then Edge was knocked out with a GTS! YES PUNK hit the GTS and won!

Following the match he started the briefcase, he then cashed in the money in the Bank!

Cm Punk vs Edge No Contest?

CM PUNK restarted the match, however out came UMAGA! Umaga hit C.M. Punk and decimated him into oblivion. The match never really started, I guess it closed down? I have no idea what happened here. Punk still has the title shot? I don’t know.

Punk was knocked out, Edge was knocked out, Jeff hardy was the #1 contender, Umaga is out assaulting Cm Punk for no reason, and that’s the end of Smackdown!

I don’t know what’s going on, but one thing is for sure, WWE has me intrigued and watching!

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  1. Part of me wishes it was Jericho that messed up Punk at the end of the night... I think everything was pointing in that direction... Punk disrespecting him, Jericho getting ripped on by everyone, then Punk walking by and whistling when Jericho and Morrison were getting separated.

    Jericho coming out and destroying Punk would have had motivation... like he had something to prove and what a stage to prove it at.

    I think the WWE made an error in that plotting. But that's just me.

  2. I honestly thought last night's Smackdown was one of the best ever.

    Umaga's assault doesn't make sense now, but he's been off TV for what, six months? That's how you bring a guy back, a shocking return.

    Maybe Edge found some backup since he's all alone on SD? Or maybe Umaga wants MITB. Or, since he's Umaga, he just wanted to hurt someone.

    Jericho can literally do anything on SD, right now it looks like his job is going to be to get Morrison over as a face, which is going to be a tall order since the guy is so easy to hate.

    Things look great right now though. Edge vs. Jeff, Punk vs. Umaga, Jericho vs. Morrison. And with Rey, Taker and Shelton rounding out the roster? SD is looking awesome right now.



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