Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ecw on Scifi 5/5/09 Results and Review Late Starter

I forgot to set my dvr to record this early on, and ended up missing the very beginning of this one, but I’ll review it based on what I started at.

Ecw on Scifi 5/5/09 Results

Evan Bourne defeated Tyson Kidd
Vladimir Kozlov defeated Jesse Guilmette
Mark Henry and Jack Swagger defeated Tommy Dreamer and Christian

Ecw on Scifi 5/5/09 Review

Evan Bourne defeated Tyson Kidd

My dvr picked this up at the midpoint of the Tyson Kidd match up against Evan Bourne. Kidd was slowing down the match up completely. Kidd was making this boring to me, and I didn’t really enjoy the mid point of this match at all. I admit though Kidd has amazing timing, and so does Bourne. The tilt a whirl back breaker was as good if not better than anything you might see in Lucha Libre lately. Evan Bourne kept trying to mount a comeback and eventually got a slight edge over Tyson Kidd with a short knee to the chin from a standing position (no not the high or low knee by Triple H). Natalya got involved into this match and nearly cost Evan Bourne. Finlay came down to regulate, hit Kidd and allowed Bourne to hit the Shooting Star press for the win over Tyson! Overall a good match but the announce team weren’t to excited at this match and it made me kind of tired. Those dudes need to get a little more excited about their jobs, I mean they aren’t rocket scientists.

Jack Swagger was in the ring talking and griping, but Tommy Dreamer ran down and taught him a quick lesson, Swagger ran away and looked at the camera angrily. Zack Ryder showed up backstage and there was some random Hot chick and it reminded me of my old Manager Vickie, she was kind of hot. I heard some stories….I’ll just stop there.

Vladimir Kozlov defeated Jesse Guilmette

Kozlov bulldozed his way through this no name jobber. I don’t like these jobber matches. I haven’t liked them since I was a kid. I don’t think that Kozlov needs any help to prove that he’s a monster. He hasn’t even been tested on ECW and is just filler. I wish I had a job where I just beat up a jobber and then went home. Instead I have to work 9 to 5 like a chump.

Christian vs Mark Henry No Contest

Christian had this match in control but out came Jack Swagger to mop up then Tommy Dreamer came out to fight Jack Swagger. This match wasn’t going anywhere, until the interruption. Out came the general manager and she declared a tag team match. So after the break we started a new tag team match instead of the singles match of boredom.

Mark Henry and Jack Swagger defeated Tommy Dreamer and Christian

This match picked up midway through a tag team match up and it looked as though Mark Henry and Jack Swagger had things going in their favor. Tommy Dreamer got a hot tag and he was making the best of it. He had Swagger in the Tree of Woe, Mark Henry ran into Swagger and then it seemed like clockwork, Dreamer and Christian were throwing down like it was 1999. Swagger changes the course of this match with an exposed middle turnbuckle and the Swagger bomb for the win. So there you have it, the douchebag All American American wins this match up.

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