Friday, May 22, 2009

TNA Impact 5/21/09 Results and Review The Foley Jarrett War Continues

TNA Impact 5/21/09 Results

Suicide & Christopher Daniels defeated Lethal Consequences and The Motor City Machine Guns
Sting defeated Erik Young
Kurt Angle defeated Matt Morgan

TNA Impact 5/21/09 Review

I’m back in action here with a review of TNA…more of a recap really, because I’m really tired. Jeff Jarrett came down to ringside and started talking crap about how TNA is changing or something. There will be a fourway match for Foley’s title at the ppv. Foley came down with the belt, and you know what? This crap sucks. Both these guys are beyond their prime and they are supposed to be the top guys in TNA…lame.

Suicide & Christopher Daniels defeated Lethal Consequences and The Motor City Machine Guns

This triple threat tag team match nd it was a culmination of the last few weeks of people calling each other out, and blaming Daniels for being Suicide or something along those lines. Alright, this match was interesting only because we don’t get this type of fast paced wrestling in the WWE. The X-Division is awesome here, these guys remind me of the cruiserweights from WCW, they just keep going and going. The Machine Guns looked like the aggressors in this match up with a string of moves that only happen in their matches included a picture perfect frog splash. Of course, what kind of match would it be without some reversals and near falls? The match kept moving with Suicide getting more and more involved in the match, and he nailed an awesome Code Breaker like move and picked up the pin!

Team 3-D was in ring talking about how great they were…it was lame to me, cause it seems so formulaic at this point. The British guys ran down and beat up Team 3-D and one dude hit what appeared to be the classic British Bulldog’s Power Slam. I guess that wasn’t too bad. The British dudes are pretty cool, I like factions; Beer Money ran down and saved Team 3-D from a further beat down which was kind of weird.

Sting defeated Erik Young

I’m not sure how Erik Young got a match with the former Champion Sting. Sting beat Erik Young like he was a jobber and that was that. I don’t even know how to reiew this one, Sting defeated Young with the Scorpion Death Lock and that was it.

Velvet Sky and Awesome Kong were signing a contract in ring. I couldn’t help but notice tat Velvet Sky is really gross looking up close. Earl Hebner is looking really ld too. Awesome Kong actually looks like a younger woman, in comparison. I hate contract signings, they all end the same…some gets beat down.
Kurt Angle defeated Matt Morgan

Kurt Angle defeated Matt Morgan

Matt Morgan really put the boots to Kurt Angle. He really had a lot of shots against Kurt and it was really good through the time allotted. Morgan dominated the match and it was ALL Morgan, it was nice to see Angle allowing a younger guy to get over a little. Angle however ended up winning with a small package, and it was over. This was interesting to see, and although it wasn’t longer, it did have enough of a push for Matt Morgan to look legit in ring. I still think he sucks though.

Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett fought each other for no apparent reason. Aj Styles came down and fought the two, the match was thrown out, I guess. This was a stupid way to squeeze in another match.

Afterwards, Foley fought a cardboard cut out of Rocky. No joke. This was dumb.

TNA sucked so bad, I can’t believe I got up at 5 am to review it. I hope you guys appreciate this…so lame.

Oh and the show ended with Foley knocking out Angle, Jarrett and Sting with a chair.

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  1. Very true! I was so excited to see TNA finally becoming interesting. But my god! Last night was HORRIBLE! It was like they didnt plan this show in advance AT ALL, and just threw it together as the night went on. Samoa Joe is a complete and total waste now. He looks like a fat kid in bermuda shorts. Mick Foley has become painful to watch. He can barely move. The Main Event Mafia was what was gonna take TNA to the next level, and they have had nothing but internal problems for the past 3 months. They havent even been together a year and I dont see them lasting through the summer. Sting. I love this guy, but come on.. he's 50 years old and still has the look from the NWO days.(which by the way was a symbolic look for him back then and serves NO purpose now) Just be Steve Borden! Suicide FINALLY performed a cool move! And guess what..its the freak'n Code Breaker! All his other moves are ridiculous. He's trying way too hard to innovate. MCM are a great tag team. But PLEASE CHANGE YOUR CHEESY MUSIC! The whole "Power Struggle" story line is SOOOO OLD! Can noone create a different story line? "If I win, Im the boss".. "If you lose, I run the company" Good Lord! Come up with something else! I wrote better story lines when I was in a small indie company 15 years ago!
    Here's the deal.. The MEM needs to get on the same page and stay that way for a long time. Kurt should win the world title by pinning Mick Foley. That way nothing changes but the title. Mick should semi-retire again and, if you must, continue the power struggle with Jeff. Sting should drop the paint or change it and be a real heel! Get involved in the beat downs! Booker and Kevin's girls should either get along or get off the show. The MEM needs to be strong and united for at least the rest of the year. Jeff Jarrett should continue to wrestle. He gets a good reaction from the crowd. He should stay face until the MEM disolve, then either turn heel or semi retire (or both). Let abyss be the monster he was! Stop this stupid soft side crap. Bring back the regular wrestling ring! I hate that octagon! Youre not the UFC..youre a pro wrestling companay! Teach your new guys how to work a microphone. Thats one reason they cant get over with the crowd. Its not the legends fault..its THEIR Fault! They cant talk the talk. Poor AJ styles would be more intimidating if he didnt talk at all! Samoa Joe should just turn complete heel. Theyve totally screwed up his main purpose for his "change". It was suppose to be because he was going after the MEM, but he's caused more problems for everyone else. And what the heck is going on with Bobby Lashley? Im not sure, but dont have someone come out twice and point for 5 minutes, then never speak of him again for a month. Come on guys! You have the talent and you have the legends. Learn how to write and youll have Vince shaking in his shoes! Im sure he was when the MEM took off, but now its nothing for him to worry about. NICE Going!

  2. it's true, all those points are right on.



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