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Tna Impact 7/23/09 Results and Review Taz and Lashley Show Up In TNA

Tna Impact 7/23/09 Results

Homicide defeated Samoa Joe w/ Taz via disqualification
Kevin Nash defeated The Amazing Red in a Legends Title match
Scott Steiner & Booker T defeated Big Rocco and Sally Boy in a tag team title match
Tracy Brooks won a Konckouts Battle Royal
The British Invasion, Sheik Abdul Bashir, Kiyoshi defeated Beer Money, Christopher Daniels, Aj Styles, and Erik Young
Mick Foley defeated Kurt Angle in a keys to the tna office on a pole match via dq

Tna Impact 7/23/09 Review

Taz comes to the ring first thing, and the crowd is giving him a warm welcome. I like to see Taz in TNA. Taz gives a shoot style interview about how he wants to be more than a commentator. So he jumped shipped because he had to be in a Raw promotion, cause it reminded him a lot of ECW and he couldn’t resist. Taz put over Samoa Joe, he said that Joe is the second coming of Taz. I don’t know, Taz is good, but Samoa Joe is the second coming? I don’t know, I just don’t buy it. Taz had some top notch guys to work with, dare I remind you of his feud with Bam Bam Bigelow?

Homicide defeated Samoa Joe w/ Taz via disqualification

This was an odd match up. The x-division title is on the line, and I like this. Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels was one of the greatest matches TNA ever put on, and even The Meltz said it was near perfect. Whatever the case is, Joe was going right for Homicide, and really looked like the Joe of old, going for Suicide Dives, running the ropes, and trying hard to make this match work. However, Homicide was the one that was starring here, he reversed all sorts of attempts by Joe and took control early on in this match. Samoa Joe was flustered but he managed to get some good Suplexes in and looked at Taz, who applauded some of his moves. Midway through the match the Referee took a bump, Joe then blocked the Gringo Cutter and locked in his chokehold, and the ref called for the bell!

The winner is, as a result of a disqualification, HOMICIDE!

Post match Taz ordered Samoa Joe to beat up Homicide. Out came Hernandez, Super Mex and saved Homicide from a further beat down. Taz and Samoa Joe walked away, and didn’t engage Super Mex.

Kurt Angle and the Main Event Mafia came in ring and talked trash. It wasn’t very good, and didn’t really require a whole lot of recap…same old story from Kurt Angle. Foley came out later and he ranted about how he disagrees with Angle. Lame. They set up a “keys” on a pole match…so dumb.

Kevin Nash defeated The Amazing Red in a Legends Title match

As soon as Amazing Red was introduced, I realized that there was no way Kevin Nash was going to lose, in fact TNA has found another way to mock WWE by emulating their style of burying new comers. Nash was dominant early on and just played up his big man gimmick, throwing Amazing around the ring like a rag doll. Red had NO offense in that worked, not even a little bit. Kevin Nash dropped him with a Jacknife Power Bomb and called it a match. It sucks to bury talent, at least from my perspective and TNA once again takes a dump on their up and comers by having NASH obliterate Red.

Scott Steiner & Booker T defeated Big Rocco and Sally Boy in a tag team title match

This match sucked. The big security guys for Foley ended up wrestling this match. The dudes basically got beat down, and nothing major happened. This was definitely one of the worst matches in TNA tag team history, seriously. While the big men did get a little action in towards the end of the match, it was to no avail, they lost and that was that. One of the worst matches I’ve seen in a long time.

Tracy Brooks won a Konckouts Battle Royal

Awesome Kong, Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Tara, Sojourner Bolt, ODB, Daffney, Sarita, Alissa Flash, and maybe others.

This match was an over the top rope battle royal with all the knockouts involved. It was a melee of a match, and not half bad. The match was your standard battle royal fare, my favorite? Awesome Kong, as she was delivering the blows to all women and no one was trying to throw her out; The final three was Tara, Sarita and Awesome Kong. Sarita was in there throwing up some great offense, despite this match being high risk for her as a high flyer. It didn’t last long once it was down to three, as she was thrown over by Awesome Kong. Kong and Tara were the final two in this match up. Awesome Kong and Tara were eliminated in the end, and the two finalists kept fighting at ring side.

The winner of this match was…Tracy Brooks! As the winner she gets 15k and is now a member of the Main Event Mafia.

The British Invasion, Sheik Abdul Bashir, Kiyoshi defeated Beer Money, Christopher Daniels, Aj Styles, and Erik Young

The TNA originals started this match with duel tag team moves, provided mainly by Beer Money. They were easily taking care of Bashir and Kiyoshi right off the bat, and were making quick tags as well. The foreigners were definitely in need of some offense in the early goings, as the originals were working like they were a team for a long time before this match was even booked. Big Rob Terry got things going for the foreigners and he’s got to be on the juice. He’s massive, he is built like a 1980’s action figure, massive upper body, no leg muscles to speak of, he’s a throwback on the juice for sure. The British Invasion began to really work together, balancing out the other side of things, showing that they weren’t just going to lay down and lose for the sake of losing. This match broke loose with all members flooding the ring, only to have the originals take over with the Styles clash set up…but Erik Young swerved us, turned on the originals and helped the foreigners win the match up! Young sucks now, he sucked when he was a face, and was only cool when he was part of that super hero group with Shark Boy and others.

Mick Foley defeated Kurt Angle in a keys to the tna office on a pole match via dq

I hate anything on a pole matches. I liked it in 1992 when Sting had that Coal Miners Glove match, but outside of that one match, I don’t like these gimmicky main events. It seems that TNA can’t put on an impact without having a lame gimmick at the end, with some terrible matches and rushed spots.

Foley started this match fresh and limping, but he was hitting Angle with some heavy shots to the head. He had early control, and Angle was trying to fire back, but Foley hung in there for a nice brawling start to this otherwise stupid match. At some points in this match Angle and Foley went half speed as to not injure themselves in this match. Foley was close to getting the keys several times but was stopped by Angle. These close calls were so slow, it looked terrible; of course no main event would be complete without having a sweet commercial break in the midst of it. So we get a lot of random crap. Upon returning from break, Foley had this match all sewn up. He hit the double arm ddt and put on SOCKO! He hit the mandible claw and things were looking sad for Kurt Angle! The Main Event Mafia ran down to save the day, the bell rang, and the match was thrown out.

This match was thrown out, the Main Event Mafia beat up Foley, the keys never got taken off the pole.

This whole night of wrestling was hard to watch. There were a few bright spots, but overall this thing wasn’t that great all…then out came Bobby Lashley! Lashley looked intimidating! So we have Lashley in TNA!

Lashley beat up the Main Event Mafia, after swerving Kurt Angle, much to the dismay of one Angle who got a stiff shot to the mouth.

TNA was hard to watch, I admit it. But I did it, unlike many wrestling podcasts that suck now.


  1. Hmm.. I usually agree with your opinions 90% of the time. But this is one of the few I have to disagree with. I found it easy to watch for a change. Although there were many lame situations, they had just a little something going on to make it watchable.
    Rocco and Sallyboy are terrible and I thought putting them in the tag match was ridiculous! BUT, the big man did get the crowd going for a minute. He came in and cleaned house and did the splash off the top rope. That got a great reaction from the fans!
    Nash squashing Red..Bad choice of opponent, but Nash needed to squash someone. He had been pretty much a glorified jobber in recent months and was losing alot of credibility.
    I personally couldnt care less about women wrestling. (and no, im not gay) I find it to be a waste of valuable time. Its nothing more than eye candy and VERY FEW people watch them because theyre good wrestlers. Female wrestling is like sesame seeds... if they all vanished noone would care, and most wouldnt even notice.
    If I wanna see sexy women, Ill look at my wife or change the channel to Playboy.
    Now, the MEM are on the right track finally! Taz is a great addition, and should be the final addition. The female wrestler(cant remember her name) that won the battle royal shouldnt be part of the MEM...DUMB!
    If they arent careful, theyre going to go over board with members like the nWo did. But anyway... At least theyre on the right track for the most part.
    Mick Foley should hang it up! I feel like he needed one more match to redeem himself for tapping out at the PPV. So now that he has...RETIRE!.
    Bobby Lashley was brought out and it was great..but wrong timing in my opinion. He is Obviously going to fued with Kurt. So that tells me one thing. Kurt will defeat Sting at the next PPV. Why would Lashley have been hyped for the past few months, to have him debut and fued with Angle, but have Angle drop the belt to STING a few weeks after his debut? That would be stupid. So that was pretty much a spoiler in my opinion.
    It was good to see Sting and Jeff take the night off. That freed up time for the younger talent.
    TNA.. getting better finally!

  2. Alright, I did find this easy to watch.

    The women's wrestling you're watching has to be different than the one that I see on TNA. The women of TNA work their butts off and are in NO way to be taken lightly like the Divas of the WWE. If you truly believe that Awesome Kong is sexy or deserves the same kind of callous remarks that the wwe divas get, you probably aren't watching the same program I am.

    Yes, MEM is turning into NWO 2009 and NO, Taz joining doesn't help them. Samoa Joe & Taz together? It could work, but not as the MEM members they are right now.

    Amazing Red is an up and comer, he shouldn't be squashed like this. WCW did the same thing to Rey Mysterio Jr and he never recovered, and dare I say losing his mask really made him a lesser character, and who squashed him? Nash!

    Foley is tiring. He is too old.

    Sting needs to be out.

    Double J, from what I read is sleeping with Karen Angle? I don't know what's up, but the wrestling sites are going nuts with that news.

    So we disagree, that's fine.

    However, if you actually liked Keys on a Pole match, you're absolutely wrong.

    Thanks for the comments, I wish more people commented.



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