Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Undertaker Injures Kennedy and Gets Him Fired

Mr. Kennedy updated his official site and in it he talks about two instances that are really close to what may (or may not) have happened to him in the WWE that caused his injuries.

What do I think?

It sounds like THE UNDERTAKER injured Kennedy overseas or at a house show with an arm lock. What do you think?

Read Kennedy's blog post below:

"If I take a sledgehammer and SMASH you in the side of the head and you get hurt very badly, does that make you "injury prone"?

If I cut off your arm with a samurai sword, and you have to have it reattached (causing you to miss several months of work) are you also then to be considered..."injury prone"?

Well let's say that you're in a match in Italy standing on the apron during a ten man tag match, and a guy is supposed to come over and give you a little forearm which will cause you to drop to the floor, but INSTEAD, he decides to drop kick your ass into the 20th row, he virtually leg presses you off the apron, and you have a "Matrix" like moment in your head where you see yourself flying backwards through the air. You clear the mats that line the floor outside the ring and because you're trying to protect your head from smashing into the guardrail, you stretch your right arm over your head. At the moment you make IMPACT with the concrete floor, your arm stretched out over your head and the sudden stop causes the tendon in your latissimus dorsi (or that big back muscle that you see on bodybuilders, ya know the ones that look like wings...) to SNAP in two and it coils up down your side to the point that's in line with your belly button. Let's say.....hypothetically.......that this happened to you. Would you call yourself...."injury prone"?

Let's throw another "hypothetical situation" out there. Let's say that you're having a match with a guy who's just supposed to give you a lil' old schoolboy to end the match. Just a nice and easy rollup for the finish. In fact the night before he hit you with his finish and the crowd didn't really react as strongly as you would have liked it to, so the agent (or producer) who's in charge of your match that night has told your opponent specifically NOT to hit his finish. Now keep in mind that having said this, your opponent's finisher is probably the furthest thing from your mind. So as you're waiting for this nice little easy rollup for the finish, the guy leaps into the air, hooks your head tight, causing your right arm to get caught between your two bodies, and drives you chest first into the mat. You go from standing to laying on your stomach with your arm stretched across your chest and your shoulder pops out of it's socket, tearing that muscle about 60% away from the bone. Now again, would an event such as this make you......"injury prone"?

Now if something like this HAD ever happened to me (again, these are strictly hypothetical situations), I probably wouldn't say anything about it to anyone. I for one would never want to bury another talent, whine or cry about it, I'd probably just chalk it up to poor judgment, and being in the wrong place at the wrong time, rather than accusing someone of being a stiff in the ring. Let's face it, accidents happen in the wrestling business which is why there are countless videos of "wrestling screw-ups" on YouTube. Every once in awhile if you're in the wrestling business, you're gonna get a BOO-BOO."

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