Thursday, June 25, 2009

TNA Impact 6/25/09 Results and Review More Random Crap

TNA Impact 6/25/09 Results

Kevin Nash defeated Abyss
Taylor Wilde defeated Daffney in a 10,000 tack match
Scott Steiner defeated Robert Roode
James Storm defeated Booker T via disqualification

TNA Impact 6/25/09 Review

Brutus Magnus came down for a match was attacked by Bubba Ray Dudley, and it all spilled out into the crowd. Then things spilled back into the ring and out came all of the foreign wrestlers in TNA. They started stomping Bubba Ray Dudley, but in came Devon to save his partner, and it all ended with a 3-D through a table on Kiyoshi!

The Main Event Mafia came out and started to talk random crap. Kurt Angle looks great with a beard and such, he looks more sinister.

Foley came down to the ring and started talking crap as well.

Kevin Nash defeated Abyss

Kevin Nash was doing quite well. He was doing the normal Kevin Nash offense, hitting Abyss in the mid section with knees. Abyss turned things around and was fighting his way to a comeback. A steel chair was introduced to the match and Abyss put it in the corner, but the ref didn’t want to allow it. Stevie Richards was in the ring and he tazed the crap out of Abyss! That’s right a tazer! Kevin Nash then went for the pin, and it was all over. Kevin Nash defeated Abyss thanks to Stevie Richards.

Beer Money was in the ring and talking about their big win at the ppv. Scott Steiner and Booker T came down to ringside. They demanded a title shot, Team 3-D came down and made fun of everyone in the ring…nothing was resolved and we went to commercial break.

Taylor Wilde defeated Daffney in a 10,000 tack match

The first thing I thought about when watching this match up was that the women were working a little stiff and a little sloppy. There were obvious timing issues between the two knockouts, but that was made ok with the speed of the competitors. The match was over quick with Taylor Wilde dropping Daffney on the 10,000 tacks and it was over.

Scott Steiner defeated Robert Roode

This match was somewhat awkward. Neither man really had an upper hand and neither one was pushing the other to have a good match up. The match eventually broke down and Scott Steiner pulled of the victory. Overall this one was a terrible match up, and these two obviously aren’t gelling together. Steiner pulls one out, for a change, and Roode looked shocked.

James Storm defeated Booker T via disqualification

This match started slow, with Booker T looking way better. However, James Storm turned it around nicely and was definitely looking like he could stay in there with the sly veteran. The match ended when Booker T smashed a beer bottle on top of James Storm’s head! It was pretty cool, but it was a prop bottle indeed. Storm wins via dq…I think?

Aj Styles called out Samoa Joe and then started swinging! As Aj was getting the upper hand out ran Matt Morgan to assist Joe, then out came out Christopher Daniels to settle things up. Then out ran the Main Event Mafia, and things were getting worse.

Sting came out to the ring and starts talking about mutiny. This was a stupid night of TNA. This isn't much of a wrestling show as it truly is a soap opera. It ended terribly...what a lame night of wrestling...seriously. Sting name drops The Wolfpack! Kevin Nash talked about how they are all about money...lame. In the end Sting gave Nash a bat, and it came back to haunt him when Joe grabbed a bat and dropped Sting! Then the rest of the Main Event Mafia beat down Sting. He's now out of the mafia? I guess.

I like stables, but this one isn't working all that well...but then again, maybe I started to like it..sting was getting pummeled.

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