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WWE Monday Night Raw 6/29/09 Results and Review Night after The Bash

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/29/09 Results

Triple H defeated MVP
Edge and Chris Jericho defeated The Colons in a unified Championship Match
John Cena defeated The Miz
Mickie James defeated Kelly Kelly,Beth Phoenix, and Rosa Mendes in a fatal fourway
The Big Show vs. Kofi Kingston ended in a double count out
Randy Orton defeated Evan Bourne
Randy Orton defeated Jack Swagger via count out
Mark Henry defeated Randy Orton

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/29/09 Review

The show opened up with none other than Vince McMahon. If any of the weird things that I posted about urban legends and wrestling are true, I have a new found fear and respect for Vinnie Mac. I wish I could work for WWE, but alas, I am nothing more tan an idiot.

Dave Batista came down with a nice cast on, and he was setting up championship qualifiers to see who is going to wrestle Orton at the Night of Champions.

Triple H defeated MVP

What in the world? Triple H not in the main event and fighting in the first match; this was odd to me. This was a semi-final match with the winner getting to move on to the finals of the Night of Champions title match up. MVP worked on the leg of Triple H, going for a lot of rest holds and technical mat wrestling, trying to get the Game to give up after last nights grueling match up. MVP was relentless, going back to the figure four several times, and forcing Triple H to try and hit his finisher to end it quickly, but it wasn’t working out too well. MVP kept it going with quick covers, and fast moves, with a focus on the leg. A very smart strategy by MVP, that’s for sure. I thought that MVP wasn’t going to get squashed but nope, Triple H put in the pedigree fast and it was over. Triple H gets to hold down the roster again…must be nice.

Edge and Chris Jericho defeated The Colons

The Colons took to the ring fast and furious. They were hitting the new champions with everything they had, and they quickly took charge as only they could. When we left for the break, the new champions were not in the zone, but when we came back from commercial it was Jericho that had things sewn up well for himself and Edge. Primo was then isolated and was getting worked by Edge and Jericho, with quick tags and fast covers to two counts. Jericho and Carlito exchanged some of the best moves for moves and counters that I’ve seen in a long time. Jericho went for the Walls but sent Carlito into edge instead….Carlito hit a reverse cross body and had a near fall, and this thing was close! Edge got a hot tag and ran for the spear but it was Carlito that ducked, with help from Primo the Backstabber was hit on Edge but at 2 Jericho threw himself inside to stop the three count. Edge and Carlito were left alone in the ring, Edge looked tired but was able to get a spear and the WIN! Jericho pulled a rope from under Carlito, and it was a classic. It was such a fast finis, if you saw it, you noticed that this thing was perfect timed by Jericho to make Carlito miss a reverse elbow! Primo was thrown to the ropes, Carlito got distracted and the titles get another hot shot.

John Cena defeated The Miz

The Miz was actually trying to get an ok match up out of John Cena. However, this match lacked a lot. It seemed that the match was going nowhere, and both the crowd and myself were severely hindered by such lackluster moves from both men. The Miz kept going for swinging neck breakers, random right hands, and a few other bouts of offense, but nothing was too crazy, it really wasn’t worth while in terms of offense. The Miz was dominating this match towards the end, and I began to feel a little nostalgic, considering Cena is wrestling the old Hulk Hogan style match.

This match was way too long. It was way too predictable and really wasn’t worth staying up past your bed time for. I can’t believe I sat through this piece of junk match. John Cena, after taking a beating for a good amount of time, hits The Miz with the STF and he’s going to wrestle Triple H next week to see who will face Randy Orton at Night of Champions.

There’s only two ways it can go. Cena will win but Triple H will join somehow making it a triple threat match or Cena will lose to the game and Triple H will get yet another stupid shot at Orton. I’m so tired of this.

Mickie James defeated Kelly Kelly,Beth Phoenix, and Rosa Mendes

This was a four way match up, which is interesting, the winner would get a divas championship title shot. It’s always great to see four ways in the wwe because it shows you who can wrestle and who isn’t that good at all. There were a few good spots in this match including the pretzel looking positioning with four headlocks. Beth Phonix had a good amount of offense in this match up, but it seemed that she was getting ganged up on a lot too. This match wound down to a slow moving day dream speed, Rosa took a sick looking ddt, and I really lost any passion for this match up. The divas division sucks completely, I don’t like it at all. In fact, if I had my way I’d fire all the divas and start over with some fat women that couldn’t be models, but could wrestle really well.

The Big Show vs. Kofi Kingston ended in a double count out

Kofi Kingston got some offense in, but it was The Big Show that was taking out his frustrations on Kofi Kingston. Kofi was able to get some serious reversals, but nothing insane, nothing crazy. The match was so lame that it ended in a double countout…the big slow made this unwatchable.

Randy Orton was supposed to face three new Raw recruits...but who were they? That is what we would find out...I was dead tired, but muscled through this last piece of Raw to get you guys a review...all three of you that still read this thing.

Next week The Million Dollar Man will be a guest HOST Next Week! That's going to be awesome!

Randy Orton defeated Evan Bourne

Evan Bourne was the first recruit to come into this match against Orton. I found it odd that they would feed Bourne to Orton...why bury the new guy? I don't know. Bourne hit some fast moves and Orton was not reacting very fast, he almost seemed out of place against Bourne until he hit Evan Bourne hard and then started stomping out Bourne. Orton towered over Bourne and I really wasn't sure that he could recover in this match up. Orton definitely looked dumbfounded by the amount of speed that Evan Bourne possessed. Bourne went for the shooting star press, but Orton caught him with an RKO out of the top rope, and pinned and essentially BURIED EVAN BOURNE! Way to go WWE way to bury your talent.

Randy Orton defeated Jack Swagger via count out

Out came the All American American Jack Swagger! Swagger looked like a chump, and Orton was looking like he was going to kill Swagger once he stepped into the ring. Looks like ECW is losing talent left and right. Swagger looked dominant against Orton early on, Swagger has some weight on Orton that's for sure. Swagger stepped outside the ring and just let the referee count him out? This was an odd strategy, and it just so happened that he was counted out...that was that...will Swagger join Legacy? I think it's obvious that he's headed somewhere with this.

Swagger got on the mic. He then shook Orton's hand and walked away. Swagger simply walked away....

Mark Henry defeated Randy Orton

Mark Henry was the third man out. He got on the mic and said he liked Orton and had a lot of respect. He said he would leave an impression tonight, and that it was going to be a good one.

The match started and Henry looked poised to stomp out Orton...but instead he dropped Orton with a throwdown then simply got counted out!

Alright, this is weird. If the WWE finally took my idea of building a massive Stable of Heels with Orton as the leader, this thing is golden. Remember the Dungeon of Doom? That was awesome....

I spoke too soon, Mark Henry didn't get counted out he simply was joking, and climbed back into the ring and was ready to mop up yet again.

Orton got on his knees and begged for mercy, like a chump. Orton went for the RKO but was met with the World's Strong SLAM and defeated RANDY ORTON! YES YES YES!

I'm not a big Mark Henry Fan, but dang, this was rad, finally someone stomps out Ortona and it's the world's strongest man Mizark Henry! I liked this booking, and thought Mark Henry getting a win is cool. He can now hold it over Orton, he doesn't even have to win the title, he can just say he pinned Orton! Great finish, Orton got worked, great times...although Triple H and Cena are the likely candidates for the title...which I don't like. Oh well...we can't all have our way.

I liked raw, it wasn't terrible, it had it's sore spots, but was ok. Just a heads up, I will be out of town July 3rd through 5th, so I won't be having a Smackdown review. I will be back for a Raw review though. Enjoy! Mark Henry pins Orton live in San Jose! Rad.

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