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WWE Monday Night Raw 6/8/09 Results and Review Batista Reigns

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/8/09 Results

Kofi Kingston defeated William Regal (non title)
Maryse defeated Kelly Kelly
Goldust, Festus, and Santino defeated Jamie Noble, The Kendrick, and Chavo Guerrero
MVP defeated Matt Hardy
Legacy defeated The Colons (non title)

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/8/09 Review

We get some quick recap from last night and Batista’s big win, as he is the new champion. We then get straight to the show with the new WWE champion Batista. Orton came down to ringside and Legacy tried to ambush him, and it seemed like he had things under control until a chair came into play and the numbers game caught up with Batista. The guys put Batista’s arm in a metal chair than kicked it! It was pretty messed up, and it looked like they were deliberately trying to break Batista’s wrist/arm.

Why not? I like this opening, they should have more beat downs.

Kofi Kingston defeated William Regal (non title)

I hate non title matches. They make no sense to me. What they should do is have tournaments and winning streaks, rather than random winners and losers. Kofi Kingston had a fast match with Regal, Regal had no time to hit any of his signature submissions, and Kingston mopped up with ease in this fast match up.

Maryse defeated Kelly Kelly

This match was ok at best, there was a few moments that made me think that these girls are improving, but they were just fleeting moments really. The ending came when I wasn’t even looking with Maryse tying this match up nicely and winning yet again with ease against Kelly Kelly, who seems to get more title shots than any other diva on the roster.

Goldust, Festus, and Santino defeated Jamie Noble, The Kendrick, and Chavo Guerrero

This match was hilarious, I guess a comedy match isn’t too bad. It is too bad that Festus has to have that dumb gimmick because he has some serious talent. Goldust is also impressive, he launched out of the corner with such a fury, it was nice to see him get a shot at wrestling, even if it was short lived. That being said, the bad guys were tagging in so fast, that the match started out like a blaze of glory, rather than a serious match up. That’s obviously, the key here, to get in there fast and furious. The match took a great turn when Santino pulled one out of the hat for the win! Once again proving that Kendrick is still employed, but not winning or getting that push that we all thought he was getting earlier this year. Maybe he too should’ve been fired with Paul London, they are both doing about the same thing, at least in my book.

The Miz and John Cena’s match up never really happened. The Big Show beat up Cena, then The Miz came around and mopped up Big Show. I don’t know where this is going, but alas….it was a good mid main event? I don’t know…I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t necessarily like it either.

MVP defeated Matt Hardy

I would usually say I’m tired of these matches because I’ve seen them wrestle so many times before. However, Hardy has a cast now, so I guess it’s ok, right? Right. The match was your standard between these two, and you gotta give Hardy some serious credit for wrestling with that cast, fake or not. MVP put up a nice match up and an otherwise easy win! MVP is definitely BALLIN! Try it, it’s fun!

Vickie Guerrero QUIT being General Manager of Raw, at least she quit!

Legacy defeated The Colons (non title)

If ever there was a nice tag team match on Raw it was this one. The tag team champions really were in a bind against the younger, more focused team. They seemed out matched for the first time in a long time when Legacy kept attacking at all fronts, keeping the Colons from getting a tag, and looking like they really were disciples of Randy Orton and not just some cronies that the WWE threw together for better ratings. The match isolated Primo towards the end and with a nice cobra clutch slam Ted Dibiase picked up the win for his team, and the Colons’ might be on their way to losing their titles to a much younger, up and coming team. I hope they don’t split the Colons’ for single wrestling glory.

The end of Raw featured Orton at ringside waiting for Batista to answer the call and if he did, things would be alright cause the rematch clause would be in tact. This of course was at 10:56 pm, so they were rushing things fast.

Randy Orton started a match up and waited for Batista to come down, but nothing seemed to happen. Then an Ambulance seemed to show up, and inside that ambulance was?

TRIPLE H! YEP TRIPLE H was at the Ambulance and not BATISTA! That's right, TRIPLE H!

The return of the all dominant TRIPLE H with sledgehammer, and the crowd was going nuts. So much for Batista to come back right?

Are you guys ready for the reign of Triple H? Triple H in just showing up immediately was holding down the roster! Within minutes Triple H beat up legacy, within seconds, and then ripped his shirt off! Orton and The game started to brawl inside the ring and the whole WWE's roster knew it was time to settle in to get held down by The Game's writing style. Orton was getting tore up, and for a guy who just showed up out of the blue Triple H was PWNING Orton, who was just yesterday the CHAMPION!

I'm not sure how many more jokes I can make about Triple H holding down the roster before someone laughs, but come on, you gotta admit...the roster immediately was held down upon his appearance, you know that's true, right?

First we had Flair in a street fight and now we had Triple H beating up Orton into the crowd and in a street fight. What about Batista? Is he written off the show because now The Game takes over? Too much speculation is going on for my own good.

Orton got a face full of chair, and Triple H was going to town with that thing. I noticed that the main/hard camera kept shaking, which was odd.

Raw ended with a massive pedigree from Triple H on Orton onto a steel chair, and I had to go to bed.

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  1. Thought MVP was going to get a good push... guess not with HHH back.



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