Tuesday, June 23, 2009

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/22/09 Results and Review No Commercial Land

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/22/09 Results

Jeff Hardy, The Great Khali, and Rey Mysterio defeated Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler, and Edge
Cody Rhodes defeated Primo Colon
Randy Orton vs Triple H ended in a draw under Last Man Standing Rules
The Bella Twins defeated Maryse, Beth Phoenix, and Rosa Mendes
Big Show defeated John Cena

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/22/09 Review

I heard yesterday that Triple H has been in the last 13 out of 16 wwe title matches. Funny huh? Well let’s keep that in mind, as we go commercial free.

Trump was out first and said he was going to refund everyone. Cena came out and got some cheap pops with all new information. Cena called out the Miz and The Miz came down and ranted as usual. Cena had some choice words for Miz and the two will supposedly face off at the ppv this weekend. If the WWE are trying to get Miz over, Miz has to win this weekend. He stood up to Cena and hit him then ran away! We’ll see how it all works out. Miz should win by cheating, and this thing could boil over, otherwise The Miz is going to get pwned this weekend and get back down to the curtain jerker scene with the rest of the jobbers and random idiots.

McMahon had some random interaction from earlier, which is lame. He was outside of the arena and he was stuck. Things got better when McMahon jumped on some poor dudes back and then kicked him in the butt! That was comedy!

No Commercials huh? ENTER the KFC Grilled Chicken Bucket and funny comments! Yep. Product placement, what a load of crap!

Before this match there were product placements, ads and mini-commercials from Jim Ross! He even said the KFC looked great. Come on JR this is KFC not JR’s BBQ! Lame.

Jeff Hardy, The Great Khali, and Rey Mysterio defeated Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler, and Edge

Khali had this match in completely control. He threw out all the opposite side, and that prompted Jeff Hardy to go flying out of the ring, then prompted Rey Mysterio to jump off of Khali’s shoulders onto the outside! Two great high spots indeed! This match was nothing more than spot fest, with no major psychology, it just was run in after run in, the referee not dq’ing anyone. Mysterio hit the 619 and then a picture perfect Moonsault onto the outside. Ziggler was left with Hardy in ring, and after The Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb, this thing was all over! No sign of Matt Hardy though. This was entertaining, nothing more, nothing less.

Let the demonization of Punk begin! The announcers were talking smack about how CM Punk loved to hog the spotlight and that he’s trying to 1up Jeff Hardy. Lame. You don’t need the announce team trying to turn Punk heel. Hardy is somewhat tired.

Backstage Santina met Vince McMahon in a nice piece of comedy.

Cody Rhodes defeated Primo Colon

In a little preview for this weekend, the two younger members of the tag team division fought each other. Primo is picture perfect and Cody needs help carrying a match up. The match was fast paced and didn’t last too long, after a nice 180 Cross Body block Cody Rhodes got a pin while hooking the tights! Not a terrible match, but not necessarily that great either. Primo is great, Cody can’t really justify his spot yet.

Another promo happened in the back with Goldust, Hornswoggle and Vinnie Mac, great stuff.

Randy Orton vs Triple H ended in a draw under Last Man Standing Rules

This match was insane…in how slow it was. No, I understand, I understand….the match was somewhat of a ppv caliber match up. Orton was favoring his shoulder midway through this match, and it looked like he was legit hurt at one point. Nothing like when he was nearly killed by Kennedy (which I don’t understand after seeing the footage). The announce table was taking a beating, and for once, wasn’t breaking like the old breakaway tables, and things weren’t looking good for the champion as Triple H was definitely getting some major shots in. It’s hard to hold down the roster when you’re not the champion, so Triple H was in desperation train at this moment. (Nice Death by Stereo reference huh?) The match spilled to the stage area and ladders got involved. Randy Orton continued to sweep Triple H’s leg, including hitting him with a ladder and enclosing his knee in the rungs.

One must wonder where’s the stables of the early 90’s? Had this match taken place in the early 90’s, Triple H could call on the Dungeon of Doom. Could you imagine Shark, Zodiac, Kevin Sullivan and others coming down to help Triple H keep his title? That would be so cool, we needed that right in this match as it bored me after a while. I kept day dreaming for someone to come down and help. Like Raven’s Flock. Remember when Raven fought DDP at Spring Stampede? He had like 80 people come down so that he could win the U.S Title, only to lose it the next night to Goldberg…which was lame.

Triple H was taking a major beating at this point, and Orton was trying to hit an RKO off the Ladder, but it wasn’t meant to be. Triple H hit a pedigree on the steel entrance ramp, and it was time again to count to 10.

Both men were counted out…and so Randy Orton still is the champ going into the ppv? I hate Last Man Standing matches.

McMahon bought back raw.

McMahon immediately went backstage and told Orton that he was still wrestling Triple H at the Bash. In a 2 out of 3 falls match….in 3 stages of Hell match! I hate these too.

The Bella Twins defeated Maryse, Beth Phoenix, and Rosa Mendes

The divas match was your standard women’s match up from the WWE. Four out of the six women aren’t very good at wrestling. They look good though, but that’s not what I want out of my pro-wrestlers…nevermind, divas rock wooo! Mickie James won after an insane super kick to the face on Mendes. It was a great move, but that’s not enough to carry a match.

Big Show defeated John Cena

Talk about repetition, we get Cena and Big show again. This match wasn’t that great, it was the traditional big man vs Cena match. If you saw the last time they met, this was the same basic premise to the move set. In a role reversal though, Big Show gets the win this time, and it’s about time!

Post match The Miz came to pick the scraps left by The Big Show.

That’s it folks. Raw wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t that good either.


  1. What I got from Punk's actual commentary was he was playing things very babyface... that he doesn't want Hardy to get hurt because he wants to face him when he is 100% and the like.

  2. i thought punk was right on, he was doing well.

    However, Michael Cole freaked out when he went inside the ring. He was screaming that Punk was trying to steal Hardy's glory by raising his hand.

    He was trying to make Punk the heel. It was awkward.



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