Wednesday, July 18, 2007

John Morrison? Jim Morrison? Why Not Johnny Cash?

In what was the dumbest move I've seen in ECW history. Johnny Nitro changed his name to John Morrison. OH yeah....stupid huh? He also changed his hair a little, changed his little outfit, then asked for C.M Punk to come out and say hello.

Then he blindsided the guy, and stomped a mudhole into him. Punk got...well...punked out with a microphone and the boots and fists to the face. Some shots even looked stiff, as Punk was left with no recourse but to wonder if he's going to get the title after all.

I don't like the new name, I don't like the new look, I don't like the old look, I didn't like the old name.

One things for sure though, Nitro...Morrison has some guts and talent, and I can't take that away from him.

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  1. Hey prick I like John Morrison

  2. When you think up a gimmick that ends up on WWE television.. you can judge

  3. i guess freedom of speech goes out the window.

    i have to love every wwe idea.

    like vinces son...huh?

    maybe you should think of a gimmick get it on wwe, then shout out to my blog and prove that i'm the idiot.

  4. leave john morrison alone cunt

  5. Dood John Morrison is like Jim Morrison in so many ways, John M has a finisher called the moonlight drive, Jim Morrison (The Doors) has a song called moonlight drive, they look alike, same last names (Yes i know john morrisons last name is Hennigan) but there's ur similarities...
    P.S. John and Jim Morrison=Best people ever!

  6. jim morrison is actually awesome.
    does anyone under 30 know about the Doores anymore?!
    they are/were awesome.



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