Thursday, July 9, 2009

ECW on Scifi 7/9/09 Results and Review Delayed Event

ECW on Scifi 7/09/09 Results

Nikki Bella defeated Kaie Lea Burchill
Ezekiel Jackson defeated Jobber #3939
Christian defeated Vladimir Kozlov

ECW on Scifi 7/09/09 Review

ECW was moved to Thursday, throwing a wrench into my schedule.

Nikki Bella defeated Katie Lea Burchill

The crowd was dead for this opener. If the highlight of a match is a hip toss, you know you’re in trouble. Brie jumped in an exchange and Brie gets the pin on Katie Lea. This match sucked.

Shelton Benjamin defeated Yoshi Tatsu

This was a match, unlike last week’s burial of Benjamin. Yoshi had his hands full with Shelton, as Benjamin was really putting on a clinic on Yoshi. Yoshi took a beating for a good portion of the match, and definitely wasn’t as wily as the veteran. Yoshi was hitting some major spots in this match, and was rather impressive for a new comer. Benjamin got back into the match with a nice release suplex. This time around it was Benjamin that hit Paydirt and boom. Yoshi impressed me, he should impress you…hopefully he doesn’t get fired.

Ezekiel Jackson defeated Jobber #3939

Jackson beat up some idiot. This match was lame. Ezekiel is on the juice. This match sucked. He wins…I hate jobber matches.

The Hurricane is back! Yep.

The Abraham Washington show was up next with Tommy Dreamer as the guest. Tommy Dreamer and Washington sparred verbally, but kind of boring.

Christian defeated Vladimir Kozlov

Kozlov put on a good match up, although calling it good is an overstatement indeed. Kozlov was slow in moving and did have some major shots, but overall lost when Christian hit the Killswitch. Kozlov is still way too slow for prime time, I’ll tell you that much. This match was a little boring, but it went through well enough to keep me entertained.

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