Thursday, July 30, 2009

TNA Impact 7/30/09 Results and Review The 200TH Episode

TNA Impact 7/30/09 Results and Review The 200TH Episode


The optometrist dilated my pupils, so I couldn’t see that well. I had to try and write this review with blurred vision. If you see mistakes, misspellings, errors, and overall syntax screw ups, it’s because my eyes didn’t adjust just yet. So please cut me some slack as I review the 200th episode of Impact!

Tna Impact 7/30/09 Review

We’ve come 200 episodes into this program and they still don’t know how to do it properly. Out came the Main Event Mafia, as usual, hitting the ring. Kurt Angle starting whining about Lashley and how he hit the Mafia last week, and that he’s demanding answers asap. Lashley came out and tried to do his best on the mic, something he couldn’t do in WWE. Foley came out, and once again this thing was another cluster of random mic’s yelling at each other. Foley set up a match where him and Lashley could win the Legends Belt or the World Title Belt…so lame. Every match has a dumb stipulation attached to it.

Hernandez defeated Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe follows up his loss last week by facing the bigger half of the Latin American Exchange. I already knew who was going to win in this match, but it had few good moments. Samoa Joe looks like he’s getting tired faster these days. Samoa Joe was dominating the match with lots of kicks and moves, but it was Hernandez that got the upper hand with some great offense, surprising the big man, with a splash and getting the quick win. I guess I was wrong again, Joe loses, despite Taz being there with him. I kid you not, Samoa Joe is getting tired faster.


Alright folks at this point my eyes kept blurring in and out. My optometrist was checking for glaucoma and gave me some stinging eye drops, 6 sets of 3 different eye drops and my pupils were I couldn't finish this review. I'm sorry.

Here's the rest of the results, and I'll have a Smackdown review for sure.

Matt Morgan defeated Aj Styles in the first of their 2 out of 3 match series

I like how they are trying to be like WCW when Booker T and Chris Benoit had that best of 5 series. Those matches were amazing, these matches? Probably not.

Awesome Kong, Tara, and ODB with Cody Deaner and Raisha Saeed defeated Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, and Madison Rayne

British Invasion defeated Team 3D for the IWGP Tag Titles in a Tables Match

Bobby Lashley & Mick Foley defeated Kurt Angle and Kevin Nash

As a result Mick Foley is the new Legends champion

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