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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 7/17/09 Results and Review More Building

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 7/17/09 Results

John Morrison defeated CM Punk in a non title match
Kane defeated R Truth
The Hart Dynasty defeated Cryme Tyme & Eve Torres
Chris Jericho & Dolph Ziggler defeated Rey Mysterio & Jeff Hardy via disqualification

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 7/17/09 Review

Jeff Hardy came down and started to ramble about nothing. He showcased CM Punk’s words from last week about how he hasn’t been in danger of losing his job with wwe. The two are terrible on the mic, terrible. I don’t know why are they trying to push these dudes to talk? They should just brawl. Jeff hit Punk, then he sat down like a chump, and that was that.

John Morrison defeated CM Punk in a non title match

I’m not sure why it is that Punk, being the champion, is working so hard to wrestle. Triple H once said that the champ shouldn’t be wrestling for free on television. Wait, it was Ric Flair that said that, nevermind. We saw this match before, and we saw John Morrison win, so why did they bring us this again for free? It makes no sense. I hope this doesn’t mean that we’ll have to watch these two wrestle as many times as Triple H and Orton have, because I’m going to throw a fit. This was mostly the same match saw a couple weeks ago, Morrison seemed to be getting a second win after being dominated by Punk’s offense. Morrison just kept hitting hard, and the timing was great, Punk wasn’t looking like the champ in this match towards the middle. As soon as I said that Punk reversed a Huricanrana, and the two exchanged near falls. Punk’s tilt-o-world back breaker was impressive, if you missed that, wow, it looked painful. Morrison once again gets the win with a random reversal into pinning combination, and PUNK looks dumb. I don’t know why the WWE is burying the champion, but that’s what’s going on with these stupid matches. I don’t see Triple H getting buried like this or Orton either, so dumb.

Layla was dancing out at ring side, it was lame. Ricky Ortiz came out and tried to Rally the crowd, but was failing miserably.

Kane defeated R Truth

Kane was dominant early on and was hitting some major blows but Truth was hitting Kane with some big dropkicks and leg drops, forcing Kane to be outside as we cut to commercial. Kane turned things around, but Truth would not go down. He kept fighting, even though he wasn’t winning the match easily, he just wouldn’t give up fighting back against the Big Red Machine. It would be short lived as Kane won after huge boot to the face.

The worst big man match out of Kane, I’ve seen in a long time. Kane sucks.

Post match out came The great Khali! Last time we saw Khali face Kane, Kane backed down and was scared! He once again ran like a chump. I told you Kane sucks.

The Hart Dynasty defeated Cryme Tyme & Eve Torres

The women started out this match, and quickly tagged in the men. Tyson Kidd started with Chad and was out weighed by the big man. JTG got tagged in and it seemed like no one cared about this match as the crowd was all but dead. The Harts took over this match with DH Smith getting into the mix. The match broke down and it got really boring. Natalya ended up winning the match, and that was that. Nothing to see here, really boring and mismatched overall; it was not a fun watch, I got bored fast.

Edge gave a weird interview, he was all sad. He doesn’t know if he’ll be back full strength. Chris Jericho came out and got on the mic, it was great. He really is amazing, this guy is the best WWE superstar active right now.

Chris Jericho & Dolph Ziggler defeated Rey Mysterio & Jeff Hardy via disqualification

CM Punk’s music hit and he walked down ringside to get onto Commentary during this match up.

The match started off with Hardy in trouble, and of course, we get straight to another commercial. Dolph Ziggler has improved a lot since the first time I saw him, he was in there holding his own against Jeff Hardy and making good work of this match up. Mysterio got tagged in and he was putting on a clinic against Jericho, and was close to pinning the former champion. Ziggler made a blind tag and was dropped on the back of his head from the apron. Ziggler, now the legal man pushed Mysterio to the limits, then went inside and tried to sew this one up. Ziggler is 100% heel, and I actually started to like him, he has the finesse of Rick Martel and the style of say….Mr Perfect? In some ways yes, in some ways no; however, he does have a Rick Martel looking style. Hardy got a hot tag, Jericho got back in this, and Hardy was steam rolling through the competition with everything he had and all sorts of fast paced high spots. He hit the Whisper in the Wind but Jericho was able to kick out! This match was being sewn up nicely by Hardy, even reversing the Walls of Jericho; Hardy going up for the Swanton and connecting, looked amazing. He didn’t count on Dolph Ziggler to break things up, and therefore he couldn’t win this one. Punk shoved Hardy, the bell started ringing. Punk looked like a big heel here. I’m not sure who won, what happened, but Jericho hit a nice code breaker on Hardy. Then Jericho hit Hardy with the Walls of Jericho and continued to punish him for Punk? This whole ending was so convoluted.

WWE took a page out of TNA’s play book by completely taking a crap on a match that was otherwise perfectly watchable and going for a proper finish and ended with no questions answered and some stupid situations. I don’t know what WWE wants me to think, or wants me to see in this piece of crap finish.

What a way to ruin Smackdown, man, I keep losing on these shows.

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